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Blogging is now becoming synonymous to WordPress. This is a free platform with options to add both free and paid plugins to customize the website to have an ever increasing number of users. There are obviously thousands of WordPress plugins available, but there are some which serve as vital ones to sustain a WordPress site.

All in One SEO Pack

No doubt that All in One SEO Pack is the best plug-in out there for efficient advancement of your WordPress sites and blogs on search engines. It is great for both beginners (plug-in is very easy to use intuitively) and pros who can tune all the features they want. This tool was updated recently; this update includes new interface and new features, for example, the ability to control social media activity of your website.


WordPress SEO

SEO is something that keeps a blog or website running, it’s like oxygen for live organisms. To have the best SEO services available for any WordPress site, you can install WordPress SEO that could be named ‘the only choice’ with excellent track records and outcomes.


Google Analytics Dashboard

It is really important for the admins to know how much of the traffic they are hitting with the way they have set their blog or website. This plug-in, the Google Analytics Dashboard, does the exact thing to the admin(s) by letting them know about the traffic to adjust the situation.


Login Lockdown

Many WordPress blogs and sites often have a multiple number of bloggers, writers and editors working on it. Sometimes the login information gets leaked and dubious people become able to login. This particular plug-in, the Login Lockdown, does pretty much what the name suggests and protects the login details by conforming them only for verified users.


Admin Menu Editor

This is one cool plug-in that allows the WordPress developers to work and customize the home screen according to the needs of that particular client depending on their working pattern and areas of interest. It allows you to optimize the homepage for your own and make it simple to work with it.


Better Internal Link Search

This plug-in enhances the capabilities of the default WordPress search options by enabling it to actually search through all the contents, not only the titles.


Gravity Form

This plug-in requires a developer’s license to be obtained to use it, which will cost money. Still, it is well worth it since it provides you with the best WordPress forms for nothing but the best site.


Simple WordPress Backup

Anything and everything with a chance of getting crushed anytime should have a backup. This plug-in keeps each and everything uploaded and shared on WordPress backed up, so if there occurs anything that makes the site go down or even closed, all the data and items will be there to retrieve.



This is one plug-in that works to enhance the overall experience with the site and keeps things going on nicely for the admin(s).


Dynamic Widget

Last but so not the least, this plug-in allows admin(s) to customize the sidebar display according to their preferences to create that unique blog for a massive turnover and traffic!


Author Bio : Linda Waters is a Blogger, marketing executive at Focuses on blogging about mobile technologies and cell phone tracking apps.

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