phone is in water bowl

Did you drop your Mobile in water

phone is in water bowl

This is a terrible situation? If someone’s phone dies it’s like his/her death. Because nowadays phones carry all our important data such as reminders, contacts, your birthday pictures which couldn’t yet to be transferred to your pc…and what not?

So what is the first thing you should do if you drop your mobile in the water ? Try to switch on the phone and check whether it is working or not. TOTALLY WRONG. That is the first thing YOU SHOULD NOT DO.

Why is that?

There is water inside of the mobile. Therefore it will fully corrupt the mobile motherboard.

What is the first thing you should do then?

  • Just remove the battery and stop giving the power to the phone.
  • Remove the sim card and memory card also.
  • If you drop your phone in the sea you better put your phone in to a fresh water basket because salt can damage your phone in couple of months.

What’s next?

phone is in bowl of rice

Put your phone in to a bowl of rice and fully covered it with rice. I know it sounds funny. But it really works. Rice can absorb the moisture. Let your phone dry at least 24 hours. DO NOT try to switch on or charge it while its being dried. (Do not try to give extra heat because it can damage your circuit board)

This cool method works with lot of phones of which the battery can be removed after the accident. Nevertheless this solution does not work with iphones.

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