Complete guide on how to Use Gmail multiple sign in

I have got several Gmail address. One is for personal use and others are for business purposes. Signing in to an email address is not a problem but when you have several address it is a headache. Because we have to sign out and sign in from each email address to check them. You will say that you can use several browsers to sign in to a different Gmail address. But know it also is a mess when you have several browsers open in your screen.

Google knows that we have several Gmail addresses. They always understand our specific needs and cater accordingly. So as a solution to the aforesaid matter they introduced “Gmail multiple sign in”.

With this Google Multiple Sign-in you can easily shift in to the other Gmail address from the same browser. You can open multiple tabs for each Gmail account.

That’s the beauty of this great feature. But if you are a simple user, I think this is not for you because it is little bit complicated when you work with several Gmail accounts at once. That’s why Google recommends this feature for advanced users.

Activating Gmail multiple sign in is simple. Go to “Account Settings”


Click on “Edit”


Select “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” and checked other three option under it. Then hit on “Save”


You are almost done. Sign out from all Google accounts to take effect. Sign- in back to your account again. Click on “Switch account”

google switch account

Click on “Sign in to another account” Then Google lets you to sign in to another account.


After you signed in to another account click on “Switch account”

switch accout in other account

Then you can simply switch account by click on the email address.


Happy Gmail multiple sign in. Also if you have not setup Gmail 2 Step Verification I strongly recommend you to do it.

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