CES2012 – The Future of Smart TV

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Long-gone are the days of simple TVs that only received 3 local channels. TV has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. Today’s TVs are bigger and better than ever. The most recent trend for television is not about what you see on the screen at all. Rather, it is all about what your TV can do for you. These new “smart” TVs, have many features that anyone would love to have in their home. Soon, you may wonder: are you smarter than your TV, or is your TV smarter than you?

The new smart TV can accomplish much more than previous TV models. At CES2012, the capabilities of the next generation of TV were unveiled to the delight and astonishment of visitors. The least unexpected new trend for TVs is Internet connectivity. The new generation of TV can connect to the Internet and allows users to access their favorite Internet sites directly from the TV screen using the remote.

Another new trend for television is the built-in hard drive. This hard drive will manage everything about your TV in one compact device, or in the TV itself. The hard drive will hold everything that you have a separate system for currently, including game consoles, videos, music collections, satellite and cable boxes, recording equipment, and much more. The TV will become a one-stop media center for all the technology inside the home. This will eliminate much of the electronic clutter that modern homes have today, which is a side benefit that customers will appreciate.

The 3D trend continues in the world of new TVs, but this time, you won’t have to purchase expensive glasses to experience the increased depth. TV manufacturers are working on ways to bring 3D television to life without the use of glasses. Some gaming systems already use a version of this technology for 3D games, so glasses-less 3D TV is just around the corner.

Instant weather and news updates is another key feature of smart TVs. Because the TVs are connected to the Internet, live news and weather streams can come directly to your TV at any time of day or night. This eliminates the need for watching the nightly news or weather channel, as you will be instantly alerted to any top news stories or weather changes in your area.

Right now, some cable and satellite providers enable users to transfer video from room to room. Smart TVs will allow this transfer of data without cable or satellite service. This will enable families to share programs and games instantaneously from room to room without extra equipment or programs.

Within the next few years, the world of television will change drastically. No longer will TVs be static screens sharing information, but they will transform into active technology centers that provide real benefit to the user’s daily life. As these new trends become mainstream, the future of TV will march on, bringing more exciting changes to the TV watching experience.

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