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Has my Facebook account been hacked?


OMG ! Is your Facebook account hacked ? Has someone stolen your Facebook password? Has Facebook banned your Facebook account? Do not worry because your guesses are wrong.

“Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”

What this really means?

It says “due to a site issue” right? Therefore you have nothing to worry because it is Facebook’s issue. Maybe they are doing website maintenance or they are having a bandwidth issue due to huge traffic. It is reasonable because Facebook is the leading social network in the world. So Facebook has massive traffic.

How to solve this issue?

Your Facebook account will be up within couple of minutes. If you keep getting the same message after one hour try to login to your Facebook account from a different computer. If you are able to login, clear your computer’s cookies and cache and try to login. Then you will be fine.

How to clean your internet cookies and cache ?


It is a good thing to have your Facebook profile backup

Having a backup of anything is sensible. If you a web designer, a writer whoever you are what ever you do it is good to get a backup of your work. Anyway what about your social network profiles? Can you get a backup of your profiles? Yes you can. Facebook gives you an option to get a backup. I wonder why people do not make use of it even if they have been provided with backup option download. I never think Facebook will be down in the future. But HOPE FOR THE BEST PLAN FOR THE WORST. Logging to your Facebook account and get your backup right now.

How to get a Facebook backup ?

First go to Account and Account settings. Hit on “learn more” which is next to Download Your Information.


Verify your password


You are going to have a security check. Hit on Start and next step is something really new. This is called Social Authentication which is introduced newly by Facebook team. Do the test by identifying your friends in the photos.


Then Hit on Download button. You can see what is your file size of your backup file (download file). When your download file is ready you will receive an email saying your download file is ready.



A good way to use proxy on Mozila Firefox

Sometimes we have to bypass servers to visit blocked websites. As an example some countries block social websites. Therefore we can not visit them from original ip address in this case we have to bypass the server which identifies where we come from. Proxy servers help in these situations big time. But practically if go through proxy url websites to visit a blocked website sometimes it does not load some features on the website (if it has flash streaming videos it keeps telling you to install flash player even you have installed it) In this case Foxy proxy which is coming as an add- on on Mozilla Firefox is a great solution for visiting blocked websites in your country. In my opinion when I visit a blocked website Foxyproxy is more stable and handy rather than going through a simple proxy server website. Also I have found out its easy to use and this is a good option if you want to surf anonymously too.

How to use Foxyproxy ?

Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools –> add-ons. Hit on Get Add-on and search Foxyproxy.

As you can see first result is Foxyproxy Standard and second result is Foxyproxy Basic. Foxyproxy Standard has advanced features. But Foxyproxy Basic is fine for us.

Therefore hit on “add to Firefox”


Hit on Install Now


Restart Mozilla Firefox. search for “proxy list” on Google and Pick a free proxy. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools and You will see Foxyproxy Basic is installed. Then hit Options.


Hit on Add New Proxy


copy and paste your free proxy there and hit Ok.

foxyproxy settings

You can see you have added a new proxy. Alright installation is done.

When you want to use the proxy go to tools and Foxyproxy Basic! then hit the proxy you newly added.When Foxyproxy is running you can see there is a fox’s face rotating right bottom corner of the status bar and in Firefox Tools.

You can stop using Foxyproxy by right clicking on the Foxyproxy and hit on completely stop Foxyproxy. (you can do stop it from Firefox Tools too)


Spend few cents and check your emails on your mobile

Downloaded data (Usage) = your internet bill

This is how some mobile service providers charge you for using internet (GPRS). The More you download, the higher your mobile bill is. Actually we do not download that much data on our mobile. If we want to download something we always use a pc, because that is really easier than getting it downloaded on our mobile. But if we are away from the computer for longer ,we may need to check emails on our mobile.

When you browse the internet it shows you everything on the page, especially the relevant images which are not necessary though. Content-wise images take more capacity. Imagine you want to check your Gmail. So when the page is loaded. It brings you everything (text + images, etc..). If you can just view the text and block the images, it takes cents to read your email. So I will show you how to block images while you check your emails on your Nokia mobile. I’m going to use Nokia 3100 Classic phone for this.

Go to “Web” from the menu


And go to “Settings”


then “Appearance Settings”


Then go to “Show images”


and simply change it to “Yes” to “No”


Now browser does not show you images and it will take few cents to check your emails because it downloads texts only. If you want to see images you can go to “Show images” and change it to “Yes”

Trying to find custom usb for files ? Check out this page:

routerloginnetgear made a real revolution in the industry.

a thief is looking at username and password

Careful when you choose and use your passwords

Everyday internet grows very fast. Competition gets intense. Internet criminals go up and up. What do you think about your bank passwords? What do you think about your affiliate accounts passwords? Did you think twice before choosing your email password?

People make huge mistakes when they choose a password. They do not take passwords seriously but it is really crucial. They behave as if they have not even heard about hackers. Researches have done some researches on email accounts recently. They have found out lot of people store their critical important information in the email. Therefore why do you take a risk on leaking them in to other’s hand?

Maybe you do not know some people are genius in guessing other’s passwords. Therefore avoid using the following for your password.

1. Birthdays

2. Girl friend’s/ boy friend’s name

3. X Girl friend’s/ x boy friend’s name

4. Favorites (movie, actor/actress etc…)

5. Any important dates

These are common mistakes people do when choosing their passwords. Use them but do not use the exact word of it . If you use these, jumble them with something else.

Be Careful when you use someone else’s computer.

There are so many softwares that can track down your activities especially your typing history. Therefore make sure those softwares have not been installed if you are using someone else’s computer.

If you are logging in to your email account you can use Firefox and do not forget to use “Private Browsing” then there is no way to access your history and passwords in the computer. If you do not know how to use “Private Browsing” you can read my article.

how to copy some content from a web page

How do you copy something from a web page? Go to the web page and highlight the content, copy and paste them in to a word document right? Is that what you do? (Note :I should mention that I’m not talking about copy other’s content and build another web site.) If you have done it in that way, you must have definitely noticed it looks like a mess after you paste it in to word. Like this.

This happens because word tries to get the exact html content to the document. But we do not want html styles in the word document. We just need simple text right?

Here is this could be solved. After you copy from the web page ,open the note pad. Paste them there first then you can copy from the note pad and paste them in to the Word document. You get clean simple text only. 😀

Google realtime

Do you want to search something in the real time ?

Everyday Google brings amazing stuff to the table. I have written an article about a cool feature on Gmail before. Today I will talk about something which is developed by Google recently. Lots of people have not seen this great feature because it is among the google top link menu. It’s called Google realtime Search.
Google realtime

Believe me it is amazing. You can find out about a hot topic from all around the world. Realtime collects news stories, blog posts and updates from popular networks like twitter and facebook. That’s why it’s called Realtime search. With realtime search you can also search for something by location.

google realtime search with a custom search location

To use realtime search you can simply type or you can click realtime from top of the google link menu.


What do you do when your computer freezes ?

annoying When we work with several programs simultaneously sometimes the computer freezes and programs refuse to close. Today’s lesson is all about what to do in a situation like this.

To unfreeze programs already frozen, we require the help of the Widows Task Manager.

For example say your program does not respond, go directly to the Windows Task Manager by holding down Ctrl + Alt + Delete together. Click on “Process” tab.

Right click on the not responding program and click “go to process”

Right click and click “end process”

shifting windows

Shift windows like a pro

shifting windows10 years back we did not have fast computers like today. Today we have super fast computers. Therefore we tend to do multitasks. We use several applications at the same time. Imagine you are writing something on Word whilst Photoshop is minimized and you want to restore Photoshop. What you would usually do is going to the Taskbar and click on Photoshop.

Instead of that hold Ctrl down and press Tab key and release. Then a rectangular box will appear on your screen and Photoshop will popup instantly.

keyboard highlighted ctrl enter

You do not have to type .COM

Day by day things get easier. When we need to visit a web site, what we usually do is type it in the URL bar. Imagine you want to visit my website. We type Because, that is the full address of the web site, or we can type without http. Also we can type In oder to make it much shorter, we just simply can type nimztech in the URL BAR and hold Ctrl down and press Enter key.
keyboard highlighted ctrl enter

It will automatically convert to and the page will load.

(Note: This works for .COM web sites only).

power switch tshirt

An easy way to shut down your computer

power switch tshirt

How do you turn off your computer?

Start -> Shut Down -> Shut Down. This is the usual way. Go to Control panel -> Power Options –> and hit on “Advanced” tab
power options properties

You can see there is an option “When I press the power button on my computer” Select “Shut down” from the drop down menu. Hit Apply and Ok buttons.
power options properties selecting shut down

Now when you press the power button on your computer, your computer will shut down just like you shut down from the Start menu.

DO NOT keep your finger on the power button longer. If you do, it will switch off instantly(It may damage your hard drive)

ctrls + S means save

Ctrl + S means save

ctrls + S means saveWhen people work on word files one of the common mistakes people make is that they do not save the file first.

They save the file when they finish typing. But think of what would have happened if suddenly your computer crashed before you could save the document? You will lose all your hard work in a matter of seconds. It is a tedious task to re-do what was once done and I doubt anyone likes to repeat the work they have already completed.

I know you will say … ‘but there is a “recovery option”’. Nevertheless if you did not save the file, the first time you created it, it is not as simple to recover the file. Every time you open a new document save it first. Then if your program crashes it is easy to recover the file. Always, always remember save the file first.


Great freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool

ccleanerWhen we clean our privacy, or remove unused file systems, or clean the system registry, or clean internet activities (history) it makes the computer faster, right? But we have to pay for these tools most of the time otherwise these tools don’t work properly that is why we have to buy full functional softwares.

But there is a great cool tool call ccleaner to clean your Computer. This is a 100% free tool. It enables you to do the following:

* Clean your browser’s temporary files, history, cookies, download history.
* Clean your Registry
* Remove temp files of third party software.
* 100% spyware free\ this software does not contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

Download Link

highlight pen

Highlight tool makes your work easy

highlight penThere are so many people who have not installed google toolbar yet. If you also haven’t, I suggest installing it as it is an ideal tool bar which is required to this discussion as well.

Ok let me show you a simple, though great, tool which comes with google toolbar. It’s called “Highlight” tool and it’s bit puzzling as to why people are not versatile with this super tool, though they use google tool bar.

Imagine you search for something in an extensive web page. If web page is jam packed, having great deal of content this is kind of a cumbersome task to go through the whole page to find out what you want.

Sometimes the browser which directs to a web page from the search result doesn’t get you to the exact point of the page that you searched for so this tool helps you like these situations.

First Install google toolbar if you have not installed it yet.

ok .go to your web page and type what you want to find in google search box.
Google search on facemoods

and simply click on the Highlight tool.
highlighting tool

Now you can see this highlight tool highlights what you have typed in google search box.
highlighted facemoods

This is how highlight tool make your work easy.It is simple but it help you a lot

pdf creator hit on download

Make Your Reports Look Professional – PDF them

Most people use Microsoft Word and Excel to create reports, invoices, proposals etc but the problem is sometimes the document’s alignment are completely haywire when the document is opened by other people. Your client will definitely be displeased by its appearance. Not very professional, eh?

I suggest, converting them in to PDF. When converted to PDF, alignments remain as in original document – they do not change. This format basically compresses your document and others can not alter its contents. There is a great tool call “pdf24” (which is free), used to convert. Useful also for the designer. Your Photoshop and Illustrator documents also can be converted.The bonus is, it reduces the capacity of your document.

To get this great tool, go to the following website and download PDF24 Creator application
pdf creator hit on download

Run the installation
pdf creator instalation

Once you are done with the installation it will add a printer call “pdf24”
pdf creator pdf printer

Open your document requires conversion.

Press Ctrl + P or hit on print
hit on print

Select pdf24 in print list. Hit on OK
select pdf24 printer

It will give you a cute window. If you want to see how it looks like you can hit on “show pdf” otherwise you can save it directly by hitting on the “save pdf” button.
hit on print

That’s it. It looks more professional doesn’t it ?