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install wordpress in 5 minutes

Install WordPress in 5 Minutes

This is a guest post by Arthur Bail. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

install wordpress in 5 minutes

WordPress is famous for its five-minute installation procedure. Most users should be able to install and configure this blogging platform, provided they have some familiarity with file directory structures, web servers and creating users. There are extremely detailed instructions available for completing this procedure. A breakdown of what you’ll actually have to understand to complete the process follows.

Users and Permissions

WordPress requires a MySQL database to function correctly. If you’re doing a manual installation, you’ll have to set up and configure this for yourself. This isn’t anywhere nearly as hard as it sound. In fact, there is probably an interface on your web hosting control panel that allows you to get this done by simply clicking a button. Simply create a database on your web server and then make a user for that database. You’ll want to give this user full control of the database, which is done through permissions.

Renaming Files

There are some renaming tasks that you have to complete for the installation. These aren’t hard. Just right click and rename the file according to the instructions. Wp-config-sample.php becomes wp-config.php, for example. If you have problems, check for:

Spaces in your file names, they aren’t allowed

Accidental changes to the file extensions

Accidental saves as a different file type—PHP becomes TXT for instance.

Text Editors

The five-minute installation calls for a text editor. A text editor is different than a word processor. Text editors generally default to save files in TXT format. They don’t make any changes to the formatting of a page when they open it, don’t correct spelling automatically and don’t add content to a file beyond whatever letters are added to it. This makes them ideal for source files. There are a number of them on the market; even very advanced versions are free. They include:

• Notepad (default Windows text editor)

• eMacs

• VI

• Scite

You can download one for free or just use the one included with your operating system. Don’t use a word processor—Word, Word Perfect,, etc.—as they may add content to the files that make them invalid.

FTP Programs 

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. They include:

• FileZilla

• Ws_FTP

• SmartFTP

Any of these programs will work. They also support secure FTP, which is important if you’re working with files that contain personal information.

Renaming Directories

You’ll have to do some directory renaming, in all likelihood, as part of your manual installation. This is easy. In most FTP programs, you just right-click on the name of the directory and give it a new name. You’ll want to make sure you follow the current directions for installing WordPress when you do this to avoid making errors that disable your site.

Run a Script

This is easy and it’s another step that’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just go to your domain name and follow the current WordPress install instructions to determine what directory you need to go to. For WordPress 3.0, you go to the following address Just visiting the address runs the script.

Author Bio: Irene Perlog is a dedicated writer at, where she is reviewing the best VPN providers.


Nikon Coolpix s800 Android Based Camera is a Smart Way to Take Pictures

This is a guest post by John Lewis. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Image by

To some people the days of carrying around a camera to record memories is a thing of the past.  The old fashioned film cameras have been replaced with digital cameras.  The ability of digital cameras to take both video and still pictures has limited the need for the bulky old video cameras that used to be seen at every little league baseball game.  Digital point and shoot cameras completely changed the way that people took pictures and recorded events, but they are being rapidly replaced as well.  People are now using the cameras that are built into their phones instead of carrying around a digital camera with them.  There is a new camera on the horizon that might convince people that there is a better option than their phone.  The Nikon Coolpix s800 Android powered phone is going to convince people that there is a new and better option.

What Does it Do

The first thing you need to learn about this camera is what makes it better to use.  The phone includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS systems.  This will allow the camera to connect to the internet.  The camera will have full access to the Google Play store and all of the apps that are available there.  With those capabilities and with the 25-250 mm lens and OLED display people can not only take great pictures, they can share them on social networks or through email directly from the phone.  That is one of the advantages that phones with cameras are offering and now there is a camera that can do the same thing.  The GPS allows you to mark the pictures with the time, date and place that the picture was taken.

Why is it Needed

If the phones can already take pictures and you can share them with others, why do you need this camera?   Phones with cameras are primarily phones.  The camera is an additional thing that is added to the phone.  While the quality of the pictures that are taken on the phone might be acceptable, it is not as good as a device that is primarily a camera.  The ability to access the apps from Google also mean that you can find apps to edit your pictures before you share them with anyone.  This is not always possible on a phone that has a camera.  For some people a phone with a camera will meet all of their needs.  For the people who do not want to be limited, the Coolpix from Nikon might be the answer that they are looking for.

Cameras today are in limbo.  Professional photographers are still going to need cameras that take the highest quality pictures, but the average person just needs something that is handy that can capture the images that they want.  By making a smart camera, a Nikon is coming up with a way to engage people in the art of photography again.  It will not only record the images that you want, it will allow you to turn it into art that you can share with others.

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About the Author : This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate. You can check out the blog of website here.

wordpress and blogger

4 Essential gadgets for Bloggers

This is a guest post by Lucille J Cronk. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

wordpress and blogger

Bloggers make use of gadgets to complete their work easily and quickly. They need specific devices that can aid in their blogging activities, more so because most professionals in this niche manage several blogs at once.

If a blog has to attract traffic, it requires interesting, useful and valuable content; it also needs to stay active and updated at all times. And a blogger ought to get hold of tools that help him achieve this end.

There are umpteen gadgets and widgets in the market to support blogger’s jobs. The wise blogger would choose those that best fit his requirements.

Here is a look at 4 of essential gadgets that could take place of pride in a blogger’s kitty:

Laptops or Netbooks

A blogger will need to type out content, edit it, embellish it and finally upload it on to a blog. He is also likely to want to check his blogs often and stay up-to-date. A blog professional might wish to look into the blog comments and answer or tackle them as required or want to check his mails regularly, where blog alerts can reach him. For coping with all the above activities, it would be a great idea to procure a trusted laptop or a Netbook and have it handy at all times. A light weight one could be a more sensible choice because it is more comfortable to lug around.


Today’s smartphones can safely be referred to as mini computers. Pretty much everything that can be accomplished using computers and much more in fact, is possible using a palm sized iPhone or Android phone or similar smartphones. These phones can become impressive blogging tools, especially with all the available blogging apps which can be downloaded to augment their native capabilities and features.

Blogging professionals who need to stay tuned to their blogs 24/7 find smartphone mobiles a veritable boon as it affords them the power to track their blog activity on the go. Bloggers who are comfortable doing long hours of editing with the comparatively smaller screens and keyboards of their smartphones are known to even substitute them in place of laptops! Naturally smartphone devices are considered a must-have in most bloggers’ gadget boxes.

External hard drive

People might wonder why a hard drive should feature in a blogger’s gadget list. The answer is simple. Blogging specialists, particularly those who juggle several blogs under a variety of topics and categories, are apt to be dealing with loads of information. To store information, memory space is required and an easily portable, external hard drive would fit this requirement to a nicety.

Digital Camera

A picture speaks a thousand words and any blogger worth his salt would sooner or later want to have photos on his blogs to lend substance to his thoughts and ideas. A professional digital camera is a gadget that can give wings to his imagination.

About the Author: Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who is enthusiastic about mobile technology and other cell phone technologies. She has her own blog on Cell phone spy.

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Google chrome keyboard shortcuts provide an easy and effective way to improve productivity

This is a guest post by Alia Haley. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Now days, Internet is accessed by every individual who uses a computer. Internet research companies have created applications known as “browsers” for accessing different websites at a glance. One can also search required content on the internet with the help of these browsers.

Anyone who uses internet is quite familiar with the term “Google”. It is the most accessed search engine worldwide. Google created a browser for accessing websites through a single gateway and titled it with “Chrome”. Google Chrome was released publicly in November 2008 and has been holding the second highest market share in the segment due to facilities like faster browsing, webpage suggestions and a host of other features.

Google has made the most uncomplicated browser till date but many users face the dilemma of operating Google Chrome efficiently. To address this problem Google has developed this browser with a number of shortcuts for a faster browsing experience. Many people are not aware of these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts so they end up spending a lot of time for searching simple applications.

Though memorizing all the shortcuts wouldn’t be easy for everyone, a handful of useful shortcuts may go a long way in providing you with a faster and rich browsing experience.

Let us start with the most basic shortcuts which we may use anytime.

1) Ctrl+Shift+b = It shows or hides the bookmarks menu.

2) Ctrl+t = Opens up a new tab on the browser for viewing multiple websites simultaneously.

3) Ctrl+Shift+t = Opens up the exact link of last tab you closed.

4) Ctrl+w = Closes the current tab that you are viewing

5) Ctrl+n = Opens a new window of Google Chrome

Now, I would like to share with you some exciting shortcuts for using Google Chrome.

a) Dragging a link up to the tab area automatically opens that link inside a new tab.

b) Shift+Esc = opens the task manager for Google Chrome

c) Ctrl+h = To access the history of Chrome

d) Ctrl+j = To access the downloads menu

e) Ctrl+back arrow on Chrome= To open previously closed tabs without losing the current tab

f) Ctrl+clicking a link = Opens the clicked link in a new tab

g) Ctrl+(1 to9)= For switching between the currently open tabs

h) Ctrl+l = To access and highlight the URL bar

i) Ctrl +Enter after typing the name of a website= This opens the website with a .com extension

j) Ctrl+shift+del= To quickly delete the history

k) Ctrl+F4 = To close the Chrome browser

I have tried to accumulate the most popular shortcuts of Google Chrome here. I think they would aid in faster problem solving and making your browsing periods a fast and pleasurable experience. Keep using Google Chrome for smarter browsing and use the above Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts to get your work done at brisk pace. Enjoy browsing and keep practicing the above shortcuts to get acquainted with Google Chrome better.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets.


Last days of Google Buzzs Life


Imagine someone who helped you is going to disappear. Retiring a good friend is not a good thing too right ? Is it ? Everyone knows Google Buzz. I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and you are still using it. Google Buzz is standing under the “Inbox” link in your Gmail.

Google Buzz helps you share interesting post, web pages and basically online content. Imagine you found something interesting and you need to show it to your friends. The next step of yours will be to send it via email? Won’t it? But, with Google Buzz we can easily share online stuff with your friends and they can even comment on it. I remember Google introduced Google Buzz back in February 2010.

Now Google is going to put a full stop to Google Buzz and going to get retired in few weeks. I think the reason is Google +1. Because you can share online content with your google +1 profile.

What about current posts?

As you know Google never let you down. Google gives you two ways to keep current posts on Google Buzz.

1. Your current Google Buzz remaining on your Google +1 profile

2. You can download Google Buzz content by using Google Takeout .

To download your Google Buzz data you can view this tutorial


How to increase WiFi signals with a beer-can


Have you ever thought that an empty beer-can can increase your Wi-Fi signals? Believe me when I heard it first time I got freaked out too. Actually it’s pretty true. I have done it and it resulted well. It gave me two more WiFi bars.

This can be applied to the WiFi connection at your home. Lot of people uses only one router at home to use Wi-Fi. Therefore WiFi signal strength could be little weak.

Please don’t practice this as soon as you finish ur can of beer. Do it next day. Otherwise you will be injured, when you cut the beer-can.

All right this is how we do it.

Get your empty beer-can and clean it with water. Keep it for some time to get dry.

Get a knife and cut off the bottom part of the beer-can.

Then cut top of the can but do not separate it. Keep a small section close to the opening of the beer can.

Then on the body of the can, cut along a straight line up as it can get spread as a sheet. Alright we are almost done.

Now spread the cut part of the beer cans.

All right. Slot in the beer-can hole in to your Wi-Fi antenna. Check your WiFi signals. They should be increased now.

For more details please check the video.

facebook and twitter at office

4 Tips for using Social Networking Sites in the workplace

facebook and twitter at office

This is a guest post by Roberta Smith. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

Nowadays, we hear lots of stories like – an employee fired for badmouthing his boss on Twitter or a teacher suspended for badmouthing her principal on Facebook or an employee terminated for deprecation of his company’s brand on Twitter. There are so many things that can go wrong with Social media and workplace. So it’s better to read your company’s policy book thoroughly and attentively before being involved with any social media sites or doing things online which may be found offensive by your employer.

Following are some Tips to keep in your mind for safely using social networking sites while working.

01. Thoroughly read your company’s employee policies and use of internet

Internet is widely used in companies or offices for work. And you can get lots of information related to any topics from the net; either it is of job vacancies or using social media sites. In these situations, every company has set some rules and policies regarding the use of internet especially the social media usage. There are specific employee policies regarding internet that every employee have to follow. So it’s necessary to read all the instructions related to the “use of internet” policies of your company.

02. Keep your Personal Networking sites completely personal

Be Practical. Don’t inter-mix your personal and professional life. Although it is quite hard to forget your work even for some time and being only in your personal life; as you are spending so much time in your work place with the same people daily. But it’s important to draw a line between your professional and personal life to save you from all sides. Social media sites are very public now and don’t discuss work and co-workers related issues there.

03. Think again before adding your co-workers in your friend list

Try to keep your social media sites personal. Although it depends on your company and comfort with your co-workers but do not get too much involved with your co-workers in social media sites. Even you should be very careful of being connected with your co-workers on social community sites. As sometimes you share some inappropriate thing which might create problems in your professional life.

04. Use discretion while using social networking tool in your office

Social Networking sites are even more popular within your work place for work related issues. For example, some social media tools are specially designed for office use only like Yammer (very similar to Twitter). Don’t be so informal and relaxed while using your office social networking tool. Be tactful and don’t post anything personal there.

In the nut shell, Social media is growing very popular in the workplace and you have to use your common sense to guide your decisions in the right way to keep your personal and professional life safe and sound.

About the Author: Roberta Smith writes for whichvoip. Check the site to get comparison and reviews of leading voip providers and voip phone services.

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What is an invalid click ?


Mouse is yours, clicking your mouse is exactly simple as ever. Then what is an Invalid Click? All right! let me explain in this way. Have you heard about PPC programs? That means Pay per Click. Publishers put out advertisers’ ads on their website. When someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the publisher.

What will happen if you click your own ads? What will happen if you tell someone to click your ads ? What will happen if you use some kind of script or a software to click your own ads ? These things are called Invalid Clicks. 

If you do so, advertiser is just wasting his money for nothing. Clicking an ad is supposed to be an ordinary thing. Advertiser needs more customers or advertiser needs to promote his products. But that is not going to happen if you do any Invalid Click.

When it comes to PPC programs like Google Adsense, they are very strict over Invalid Clicks.


It is a shame that people still ask to click their own ads

Google Adsense is not a secret anymore. They celebrated their 8th birthday sometime back. For the time being Google Adsense is the top PPC (Pay Per Click) in the world now. They are very strict over Invalid Clicks. Hundred of publishers get banned from Google Adsense everyday.

Publishers can NOT click their own ads and NOR they can prompt anyone to click ads (There are more which publishers are restricted from). Every publisher is governed by their policies.


Couple of days back I received an email.


Yes what you see is highly prohibited. It is apparent why people get banned from Google Adsense. I have a liltle bit of knowledge about Google Adsense. Can you imagine how smart Google Adsense team is? Do you think they are novel to Internet world? They can watch you doing forbidden things. Then you get banned and you say “Google Adsense doesn’t work”

But it doesn’t work when you try to cheat them. Keep in your mind that “You can cheat them but you will get banned soon’


An ideal solution for Srilankan online buyers

Using a credit card is less recommended, if you are not good at financial management, since a credit card can destroy you, making you a beggar if you don’t mange it properly. To obtain a credit card you are required to prove your good financial status with the proofs like your salary slips and you should take all the hassle to prove the bank that you have  a fixed good income.

How about a prepaid debit card? Sounds weird ahh ? Yes it does. In SriLanka, Sampath bank has introduced  a prepaid online purchasing card called “Sampath Web Card”. Normally a credit card facilitates you to make purchases on credit whereas this particular card does not put you in debts.

What is the purpose of this web card ?


I know you will definitively ask this question. This cards is only for online use. With this card you can pay online and this can be linked to your papal account as well.

How to use this Sampath Web card ?

It is simple and easy. As soon as you get the web card you can deposit money and top it up. Then you can use that amount to do any online shopping.

I’m using this web card for quite long time. For time being I have not come across any trouble with it.  This is a great solution for SriLankan online buyers.

You can apply for a web card from here.


Do not mess with Facebook spam filters

Nowadays all websites are very strict to spammers. People spam more and more (I reported a new Facebook scam in this month). Facebook is exceptionally strict to uncommon behaviors. They are really concerned about users’ privacy. Therefore there are more possibilities that you can get banned or your account gets limited features, if any kind of uncommon behavior occurs by your end.

You have to go through spam filter if Facebook guesses you are trying to spam. You should be serious about this spam filters. If you keep entering wrong characters your facebook account gets banned or limited quickly.


The best thing to do when those words are not clear is to click on “Try different words” because sometimes  those captures are not readable. Remember Facebook is fully systematic whereas there is no human involvement in their procedures. Once your account gets banned, it’s impossible to get your account back.

spam comments 1

Spam comments are funny

Many people never understand that they can’t get visitors by spamming on other’s websites. They keep spamming not knowing that they are killing their own image by posting their stupid common comments. I wonder they keep doing this although they know there are many good spam finding software like Akismet.

Spammers never realize that good unique contents bring thousands of visitors per day to their website or they are just looking for something for instant money. Guess what! sometimes I read their comments in my spam comments folder. Because those comments are really hilarious and tricky. It’s really funny to see how they are trying to get visitors by posting tricky comments.

Nowadays they appreciate the article very much and they don’t put links in the comment. They except people to click their name because it’s a point to their websites.

These are some funny comments which I have captured.

spam comments 1


spam comments 5


spam comments 2


spam comments 4


spam comments 3


Get your Gmail backup and store it in a USB drive

Having a backup of your data is definitely a good thing. We never know what will happen to our data. What about your email backups? Have you got a backup created for you? There are major email providers like Gmail whom we can’t even think that they will make us helpless one day. But If someone hacks your Gmail account what if he/she deletes your entire inbox and sent items ? Scary right? I know it is and if you want to use your old email where internet is not available. Therefore having a backup is very important and useful.

We can use Outlook to get your backup. But there is a handy piece of free software out there. It’s called MailStore. Cool thing is we can even carry the backup in a USB pen drive.

Here is how to install this software.

Download the software and install it. Open the software. Click archive email to add your Gmail account.




Click on Google mail.


And enter your gmail user name and password. Go forward by licking next  button and click finish button finally.


enter gmail username and password

As soon as you click the Finish button it will start to analyze and download all mails.


All right !back up is ready now. Click on “Backup to HD or USB”




It will save two folders and two pdf files. You can find your backup data file, mailstore setup file and pdf read me file (how to restore your backup)

phone is in water bowl

Did you drop your Mobile in water

phone is in water bowl

This is a terrible situation? If someone’s phone dies it’s like his/her death. Because nowadays phones carry all our important data such as reminders, contacts, your birthday pictures which couldn’t yet to be transferred to your pc…and what not?

So what is the first thing you should do if you drop your mobile in the water ? Try to switch on the phone and check whether it is working or not. TOTALLY WRONG. That is the first thing YOU SHOULD NOT DO.

Why is that?

There is water inside of the mobile. Therefore it will fully corrupt the mobile motherboard.

What is the first thing you should do then?

  • Just remove the battery and stop giving the power to the phone.
  • Remove the sim card and memory card also.
  • If you drop your phone in the sea you better put your phone in to a fresh water basket because salt can damage your phone in couple of months.

What’s next?

phone is in bowl of rice

Put your phone in to a bowl of rice and fully covered it with rice. I know it sounds funny. But it really works. Rice can absorb the moisture. Let your phone dry at least 24 hours. DO NOT try to switch on or charge it while its being dried. (Do not try to give extra heat because it can damage your circuit board)

This cool method works with lot of phones of which the battery can be removed after the accident. Nevertheless this solution does not work with iphones.


Gmail notifications from your system tray

We can activate Gmail notifications on Chrome but unfortunately  it does not support  to other browsers. But irrespective of the browser,Gmail Notifier works  with all. After you are  done with Gmail Notifier, it installs an icon to the system tray. Without opening the browser, it shows you a brief of an every email once it is dropped in.

Gmail Notifier has a small issue that it does not work with Google Toolbar owing to its incompatibility with the Google Toolbar.

If you are using Google Talk, it is not needed to install Gmail Notifier as Google Talk already shows you email notifications.

How to install Gmail Notifier ?

Go to Gmail Notifier. Download the software. (Gmail Notifier is available for Mac users too)


Install it.


After the instalation, enter your Gmail user name and the password.


You can see Gmail Notifier Notification from system tray when a new email arives.


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