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CES2012 – The Future of Smart TV

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Long-gone are the days of simple TVs that only received 3 local channels. TV has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. Today’s TVs are bigger and better than ever. The most recent trend for television is not about what you see on the screen at all. Rather, it is all about what your TV can do for you. These new “smart” TVs, have many features that anyone would love to have in their home. Soon, you may wonder: are you smarter than your TV, or is your TV smarter than you?

The new smart TV can accomplish much more than previous TV models. At CES2012, the capabilities of the next generation of TV were unveiled to the delight and astonishment of visitors. The least unexpected new trend for TVs is Internet connectivity. The new generation of TV can connect to the Internet and allows users to access their favorite Internet sites directly from the TV screen using the remote.

Another new trend for television is the built-in hard drive. This hard drive will manage everything about your TV in one compact device, or in the TV itself. The hard drive will hold everything that you have a separate system for currently, including game consoles, videos, music collections, satellite and cable boxes, recording equipment, and much more. The TV will become a one-stop media center for all the technology inside the home. This will eliminate much of the electronic clutter that modern homes have today, which is a side benefit that customers will appreciate.

The 3D trend continues in the world of new TVs, but this time, you won’t have to purchase expensive glasses to experience the increased depth. TV manufacturers are working on ways to bring 3D television to life without the use of glasses. Some gaming systems already use a version of this technology for 3D games, so glasses-less 3D TV is just around the corner.

Instant weather and news updates is another key feature of smart TVs. Because the TVs are connected to the Internet, live news and weather streams can come directly to your TV at any time of day or night. This eliminates the need for watching the nightly news or weather channel, as you will be instantly alerted to any top news stories or weather changes in your area.

Right now, some cable and satellite providers enable users to transfer video from room to room. Smart TVs will allow this transfer of data without cable or satellite service. This will enable families to share programs and games instantaneously from room to room without extra equipment or programs.

Within the next few years, the world of television will change drastically. No longer will TVs be static screens sharing information, but they will transform into active technology centers that provide real benefit to the user’s daily life. As these new trends become mainstream, the future of TV will march on, bringing more exciting changes to the TV watching experience.

Author Bio: Lindsey Mcmahon, is a part-time guest-blogger and a full-time private tour organizer. She currently works for Get Me Digital.


What’s New on Apple’s New iMac

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It isn’t long ago when Apple Inc. released the iPhone 5. Surely, the enthusiasts of the popular smartphone met the new product with open arms, even though were thought to have been “bored” by it. Nonetheless, people salivated over this product release, and apparently, Apple Inc. was not done yet.

Last October 23, the company announced its update on its line of desktop computers, which is the iMac. This was the first time in three years that Apple Inc. had made design changes and additional features to these computers. This announcement came shortly after the release of one of the many products of Apple, which is the iPad Mini.

About the iMac

First introduced in 1998, the iMac evolved through time. Continuous innovations and renovations, internal and external, were very evident through the years. The first “transparent gumdrop” monitor was a very well-known design of the iMac, and so is the one that is shaped like the Pixar lamp. Indeed, every design of the iMac was distinct. The company even shifted towards computers which utilizes flatscreen monitors. This gave consumers a wider computing experience.

Now, the new iMac is now out in stores. What does it have today that stands out from the other iterations of the iMac computers?

What’s new with the new iMac?

One thing that Apple Inc. added to the new iMac is its refined screen monitor. Although the new iMac today is still a “carbon copy” of the previous generation of Apple computers, the new one has a very thin screen monitor frame that measures up to about 5 millimeters on the edges. Running upwards to the top of the screen monitor, it carefully curves towards the back with a slight thickness to it.

What’s very interesting about the new iMac’s monitor’s screen glass and the display is combined through a special process. That process did not involve creating an air gap between the display and glass, which is usually at the thickness of 2 mm.

One can definitely ponder that looking at the display of the new iMac does not demonstrate any glare at all. This is due to the fact that the new iMac reduces glare at about 75 percent. In-plane switching technology, or IPS, is also evident on the screen, which means that the display in the monitor can be viewed completely in all angles.

Apart from the screen monitor’s glass-to-display combination, the whole thing itself is made from two aluminum pieces pressurized together with the use of heat. This makes the screen monitor sleeker and slimmer than the previous iMacs.

Moreover, it is a bit surprising that the iMac still doesn’t have a retina display despite the improved display. Ironically, only Apple’s Macbook Pro’s 13-inch display has that kind of feature.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other interesting features of the new iMac:

  • Intel-powered Ivy Bridge processors, which means that the new iMac could run on either Core i5 or a Core i7 processor.
  • A single Fusion Drive, which combines 128 GB flash storage and a 1 TB or 3 TB hard drive.
  • Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad

The new iMac released in the market is the one with the 21.5-inch display. Next month, Apple is expected to release other units, this time with a much larger 27-inch display.

Author Bio : Marcus Vann is a freelance tech blogger that has been writing about the latest trends in mobile tech, gadgets, social media, and anything related to technology.


Yahoo Faces Lawsuit over Security Breach

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According to news, Yahoo is the newest corporation to face a lawsuit. Google, Samsung, Apple and Facebook were known as corporations that suffered from lawsuits every now and then. Be it patents, copyrights, copied ideas or consumer problems, these corporations stole the shine but now Yahoo has stepped in the lawsuit party as it gets sued over a major security breach.

According to California’s recent activities the organization is facing a major internet security lawsuit due to the breach in its security as a group of hackers known as Eastern European entered the Yahoo lines and accessed more than five hundred thousand unencrypted accounts.

The organization is a well known internet company that is playing at high stakes. After Google, Yahoo is the organization that’s gaining popularity with the Yahoo mail and instant messaging portal Yahoo has always been a favorite of consumers. The organization provided internet services to millions of users around the world everyday but didn’t realize the preliminaries of internet security. They hadn’t implemented any security for its millions of users and it was found that user’s personal information was as open as an open book on the street. Anybody could have accessed it easily and the Eastern European group of hackers joked about how easy access into Yahoo was and they easily gathered unencrypted data of more than four hundred thousand online users. They took their personal information as well as their login credentials and all the information contained in the accounts.

According to the lawsuit developed, the lead Jeff Allen says that his information and the information of thousands of users apart from him were posted online for the world to see. Anybody could gather than personal information and use it for their pleasure; nothing was left as the security breach was so intensified. Allan says that within days of the security breach he received an alert of account fraud on his eBay accounts as it said that his Yahoo login credentials were used to hack into his eBay account. Allan then realized that Yahoo had suffered a security breach and said that he didn’t even know how much information the hackers had accessed, his private life, his pictures and bank accounts details were all visible to the hackers and all because of Yahoo’s inability to give optimal service to its consumers, considering their users put their trust in the website and this is what they attained.

The law situation seriously states that “Plaintiff Allan brings this class action lawsuit against Yahoo for failing to adequately safeguard his and others’ personal information. Mr. Allan seeks an order requiring Yahoo to remedy the harm caused by its negligent security, which may include compensating plaintiff and class members for resulting account fraud and for all reasonably necessary measures plaintiff and class members have had to take in order to identify and safeguard the accounts put at risk by Yahoo’s negligent security”. The claim clearly shows Yahoo’s inability to secure it’s consumers and Yahoo is in deep trouble because of this.

Allan states that due to Yahoo’s inability to safeguard his data the company lost millions of consumers and many high-yielding clients. According to Yahoo’s own blog post it said that the hackers didn’t access the whole data base but only a standalone file that contained the information of users who had joined Yahoo before May 2010.

Whatever Yahoo says it is still blamed for its inability to guard its consumer’s data. The decrypted login credentials showed that Yahoo couldn’t even take a simple step of encrypting user data and maybe if it did that it wouldn’t have suffered such a catastrophe.

Author Bio: Beth Janick’s work as a web marketer has earned her a dedicated flock of readers who are hankering for the latest news and reviews about iphone spy app.

youtube white dot screen

Youtube became an old fashioned TV when the internet is not available

youtube white dot screen

What will happen if the TV channel goes unavailable while you are watching?

As you know now most of the TVs gives a blue screen when the TV channel goes off but do you remember old fashioned TV which had small black and white dotes all over the screen.

Youtube has added the same effect when internet is not available.

I think It’s pretty cool. Earlier they had just the error message saying

“An error occurred. Please try again later”. I thought you might be interested about this cool effect.

But you can only see this effect If you drag the time pointer forward while internet connection is not available.

Try it and see how cool it is.



Nikon Coolpix s800 Android Based Camera is a Smart Way to Take Pictures

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To some people the days of carrying around a camera to record memories is a thing of the past.  The old fashioned film cameras have been replaced with digital cameras.  The ability of digital cameras to take both video and still pictures has limited the need for the bulky old video cameras that used to be seen at every little league baseball game.  Digital point and shoot cameras completely changed the way that people took pictures and recorded events, but they are being rapidly replaced as well.  People are now using the cameras that are built into their phones instead of carrying around a digital camera with them.  There is a new camera on the horizon that might convince people that there is a better option than their phone.  The Nikon Coolpix s800 Android powered phone is going to convince people that there is a new and better option.

What Does it Do

The first thing you need to learn about this camera is what makes it better to use.  The phone includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS systems.  This will allow the camera to connect to the internet.  The camera will have full access to the Google Play store and all of the apps that are available there.  With those capabilities and with the 25-250 mm lens and OLED display people can not only take great pictures, they can share them on social networks or through email directly from the phone.  That is one of the advantages that phones with cameras are offering and now there is a camera that can do the same thing.  The GPS allows you to mark the pictures with the time, date and place that the picture was taken.

Why is it Needed

If the phones can already take pictures and you can share them with others, why do you need this camera?   Phones with cameras are primarily phones.  The camera is an additional thing that is added to the phone.  While the quality of the pictures that are taken on the phone might be acceptable, it is not as good as a device that is primarily a camera.  The ability to access the apps from Google also mean that you can find apps to edit your pictures before you share them with anyone.  This is not always possible on a phone that has a camera.  For some people a phone with a camera will meet all of their needs.  For the people who do not want to be limited, the Coolpix from Nikon might be the answer that they are looking for.

Cameras today are in limbo.  Professional photographers are still going to need cameras that take the highest quality pictures, but the average person just needs something that is handy that can capture the images that they want.  By making a smart camera, a Nikon is coming up with a way to engage people in the art of photography again.  It will not only record the images that you want, it will allow you to turn it into art that you can share with others.

The professional company certificainfo provides all the information on leitor cartão certificado digital.

About the Author : This post is written by John Lewis and he works at PriceCollate. You can check out the blog of website here.


Accessibility Impact Of 4G On Mobile Phones

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The beginning of 4G phones results a momentous progression for the Smartphone humanity, but how that fits into the business world isn’t that understandable thus far. With 4G wireless services, there is additional extensively obtainable than ever before, as all four countrywide transporters such as Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T.

The primary movement involves the developments in technology at every new generation of cell phone equipment. Each new generation adds a little new to the preceding generation, while also making all phones in dissimilar generations mismatched. While 2G phones allowed digital transmission compared with 1G’s analogue, 3G technology authorized Internet entrée and multimedia. That has been tracked over the past year by 4G technology, which significantly improves transmission speeds of information. For the most part, phones are still comparatively deliberate evaluated with computers, but the chief cause for the distinction in performance is the trade-off of battery life against speed. No one wants to accuse his Smartphone all two hours.

The mobile carriers built 4G networks and coverage to be grateful for the mobile phone. If you like to surf the Web and particularly stream a video, 4G can be a paradise. If you attach a laptop to your mobile, 4G makes a gigantic difference. In general, anything connecting linking large amounts of data gets a big enhancement from 4G. Watch out for the data limits on your facility plan. It is straightforward to use up a lot of data very rapidly with 4G. If you have a 3G phone and you’ve been aggravated with clogged-up networks, 4G may be the answer. You’ll be switching to a dissimilar, less troublesome network for your Internet data. It is a future-proof classification and only going to get improved to your phone if you have the 4G coverage.

The augmented acceleration available via 4G means that access to the laptop via a mobile broadband device could be quicker than a permanent high speed internet line and could put back the must for consumers to pledge to both services. On the other hand even as mobile internet access on phones is rationally priced, the present pricing of mobile broadband plans and devices is holding back the development of this technology. United States is one of the first countries to begin rolling out a 4G network uptake of mobile broadband plans. It is a lot slower than many other countries as the pricing is too far above the ground.

Nothing like other technological progress that have come along, which have a propensity to drive up costs, 4G might in fact have the conflicting result, primary to reduced rates and overcrowding while improving the means. Extremely not often does something come along and offer up a situation where everyone wins, but if you’re looking at long term benefits such as improved excellence, higher capacity, and boosted presentation, 4G technologies on mobile phones are winners elsewhere of us all.

About the Author: Chloe Wade is a writer of various critiques primarily about 4G technologies running around the globe. Observe more posts of hers by analyzing her articles at Broadband Expert.


Do Intel’s Upcoming Android Phones Stand a Chance ?

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Intel, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, is all set to lock horns with ARM, the world’s largest manufacturer of power-efficient chips. In what many would call as an extremely fierce neck-to-neck battle, there is apparently going to be only one winner, and one would have to wait patiently to behold that. But the million-dollar question however is: Will this audacious venture by Intel, actually payoff?

Intel has code-named its chip for smartphones as Medfield. It will be based on Intel’s very own PC architecture. Intel claims that the chips that they are developing now will be highly power-efficient and is expected to deliver sublime performances on its future line of devices. Initially, Intel had been working with Nokia for the shipment of Nokia handsets that are powered by Intel’s chips. But since Nokia is striking a deal with ARM for some of its Windows 7-based handsets, Intel has to consider its options.

Consequently, Intel partnered with Google for the launching of its first mobile chip. It is important to note that both giant companies have announced a multi-year, multi-device partnership – a great strategy to survive and thrive in today’s tech industry, where competition is at its highest. Apparently, the first device to come accompanied with an Intel processor is a Motorola handset.

This comes as no surprise considering the fact that Google bought Motorola for $12 billion last year. Since it took over, Google has been striving really hard to improvise Motorola devices. The said Motorola handset, according to speculations, will be running Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich and will feature a single core 1.6 GHz Intel Medfield processor. Motorola is also eager to integrate Intel’s Atom Z2460 1.6 GHz processor chip in the future. Does that ring a bell?

That being said, Intel definitely doesn’t want to endure a unified approach by affiliating only with Motorola. It would be striving to strike profitable deals with other leading smartphone manufacturers as well. For Intel to gain an upper-hand, it desperately needs to outwit ARM by developing more powerful and energy-efficient chips. Intel thereby, will have to work hard to develop top-notch chips – chips that will compel OEMs to shift from ARM to Intel.

Ironically, in the past, Intel has chronically failed in delivering chips that are equally powerful and energy-efficient. With ARM standing firm on its ground, some preeminent innovation will be duly required from Intel in order to shift the paradigm. Intel however is in talks with the leading manufacturers and is quite optimistic about integrating its chip into a number of mobile handsets worldwide.

To be realistic enough, one would have to actually wait to review the performance of an Intel-powered device before coming to any concrete conclusion. After all, there is no canny reason, why the world’s largest chip manufacturer that is Intel, will be underestimated, since we all know how diligent and supernatural our notebook processors are and this might well be the first step in expediting our smartphone performance as well.

About the author: Mark Lindstrom is a technology enthusiast that likes trying out the latest gadgets by using hp coupons, and other discounts through top selling merchants.


Switch to Gmail NEW look


I’m huge fan of Google products. Three days ago I told you “last day of Google Buzz’s life“. Yes this article is also about the same. Do you remember that Google changed their sign in page. Now they have changed the Gmail as well. Actually this is a vast change. You will be automatically switched on to the new look soon. But if you can’t wait like me, you can get switched to the new look today itself.

To switch to the new look 

log in to Gmail and you can see a small box standing in the bottom right of the page. Click the “Switch to the new look”


Then you will get a cute window. Click on “Switch to the new look” again.


I love these three upgrades.

Clean Simple Out Look

Yes It is very handy and clean. And I love its simplicity as Google is always good in giving more simplicity. They have replaced the tool bar. And your most familiar features stand in front you now. Just give you what you want.

Other thing is you can easily access your Gmail settings clicking gear icon.


Great looking THEMES


They have put high resolution awesome background images and new background colors. All new themes are high definition themes. They fit on large display screens very nicely.Just like a high quality graphic design.

Awesome Search    


You can see Gmail search has truly improved. Of course it is advanced but very friendly. You can find exactly what you are looking for. You can filter your search by “From, Subject, Has the words, doesn’t have, Has attachment, Date within.

Wow No more plenty of search results.


What a great blog about google utorrent search engines site. You must take a look at this site.

What a great blog about google utorrent search engines site. You must take a look at this site.


Last days of Google Buzzs Life


Imagine someone who helped you is going to disappear. Retiring a good friend is not a good thing too right ? Is it ? Everyone knows Google Buzz. I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and you are still using it. Google Buzz is standing under the “Inbox” link in your Gmail.

Google Buzz helps you share interesting post, web pages and basically online content. Imagine you found something interesting and you need to show it to your friends. The next step of yours will be to send it via email? Won’t it? But, with Google Buzz we can easily share online stuff with your friends and they can even comment on it. I remember Google introduced Google Buzz back in February 2010.

Now Google is going to put a full stop to Google Buzz and going to get retired in few weeks. I think the reason is Google +1. Because you can share online content with your google +1 profile.

What about current posts?

As you know Google never let you down. Google gives you two ways to keep current posts on Google Buzz.

1. Your current Google Buzz remaining on your Google +1 profile

2. You can download Google Buzz content by using Google Takeout .

To download your Google Buzz data you can view this tutorial

new google maps with webgl

Did you experience new Google Maps with 3D ?

new google maps with webgl

This is an incredible feature brought by Google Maps. If you have used Google Maps before you would remember how it was. It didn’t have that much nice looking 3D maps. It tried to give you much 3D look but failed.Now Google Maps comes with WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library).

What is WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library)  ?

WebGL is a new web technology which brings 3D graphics to your browser. Sounds great ahh ? The best part is you don’t need to install any new software or single plugin to your computer.

Can anyone use Google 3D Maps ?

Like I said this is a new web technology. Therefore you need to have updated browser.

Chrome version 14 + or Firefox 8+ are support for Google 3D maps. And your operating systems should be Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6+, Lion 10.7+, Windows Vista or 7 or Linux. Other thing is your drivers. Your drivers should be published later than January 1, 2009.

To get started visit and you will see “Want to try something new” in the bottom left side of the page.

want to try somethng new


Watch out! Social media criminals!


For the time being Social Media is doing a great job on internet whereas it is manipulated by some crooks to get done non-virtuous things. Therefore Social Media  has both pros and cons which is  the general scenario of anything modern in the contemporary world. As if you use a knife when you cook whereas the  same knife can be used to stab someone. Ok ! What if Facebook Twitter Myspace are deployed for bad purposes? To ban social media all over the world? No way. It’s not the solution. Those who misuse need to be punished under the law. Mind you! People have used Facebook and Twitter as the main source of communication in organizing crimes.

Here comes the most interesting part. Few weeks ago NYdailynews reported that NYPD has formed a new police unit to track those who abuse facebook, Twitter and Myspace to plan out crimes or to brag about their crimes. They may implement it with the support from social media.

How do you help them ?

Social media web sites have millions of users. As a user you are allowed to report anything appears suspicious to you. Not only the crimes, you can report anything threatening, pornographic that contains nudity, graphic or violence. By reporting these shady activities social media websites can trace them down with no trouble.

Nimztech’s new friends from Google Search Engine = Site Links

Today I checked Nimztech on Google. Guess what! I could see Nimztech’s site links. Google has created site links.

I know this is not a thing to be bragged about. But I consider this as a tiny achievement. I still remember the moment I published the first article. Actually Nimztech was a static website which I personally prefer creating.  Nevertheless I had to convert it to a blog because a blog doesn’t take much time to publish articles when we are done with writing. Now Nimztech runs on WordPress very smoothly.

Initially the articles for Nimztech were edited by one of my best friends, Rishani Sittampalam. She helped me out with initial articles giving me an immense support. Dilini Jayasekara is also one of my best buddies & is currently backing with editing almost all the articles. Therefore credits go to both of you and to those who supported me even with single word.

I believe blogs are similar to plants, as they need to be well nurtured and taken care of… It takes some time to grow. We cannot boost up their speed by cheating on search engines like GoogleYahooBing. It is a match that you can never win. No way! If you’re serious about what you do, consistently add contents valuable to others. I believe you CAN NOT conceal your blog from search engines if you come up with something worthwhile to read.


Have you come across with the New sign-in page in Google


Few months ago Google builded realtime search and they also improved Google search . Google corporation always improves their products. They have turned up with a major change in their Sign In page. The design has been modified. But still it directs to the old page when you access the sign in page. They’ve made us experiencing the latest version you can see too links appearing at the bottom of the Google sign in page.

By clicking “Preview it” you can jump in to the new look. According to Google you are allowed to skip the latest version and be in contact with the old ,if you are not so cozy with the new look. But that’s just for a certain period of time. Most probably the  new design maybe the default page in time to come.

Sometimes you may see the old page design again even if you switch to the new design. It happens due to signing in from a different browser or different location (IP address). Not to worry! it is not an error.  Always check the URL of the browser to make sure that you have landed in right Google sign in page. As you know,It’s apparent that Google sign in page is extremely Secured. Therefore check whether it is HTTPS and Because you may mistakenly type your Google user name and password in a different web page which is a trap of a spammer.

If you see any errors or bugs you can report here. Please report them because it helps foster their superior products.


Belated Birthday wishes Google Adsense

google-adsense-birthday8 Years ago Google introduced a great product called Google Adsense (Initially released on 18th June, 2003). Google Adsense is the top PPC (Pay per Click) program in the world now. They always give us the best features. Now it has become a full time earning mean of thousands of people all around the world. When someone gets banned due to an unethical behavior, thousands of people earn thousands of dollars as a result of using Google Adsense in correct ways.

Earlier they accepted more Google Adsense requests. People open free blogs, writing one or two articles and next thing was requesting for a Google Adsense account. If the blog is not about phonographic or something abusing. Google Adsense would accept their requests right away. But today it’s different owing to so many competitors and so many invalid clicks.

Now it is not that easy, if you don’t have least small amount of traffic and cannot get accepted by Google Adsense. If you want to get accepted, wait till your traffic grows up a little bit.

Since its start Google Adsense has achieved many things. For the time being Google Adsense has built:

  • AdSense for Feeds
  • AdSense for search
  • AdSense for content
  • AdSense for mobile content
  • AdSense for domains
  • AdSense for video

I hope there will be more products by its next birthday. Once again Happy Belated wishes Google Adsense.

Haven’t still got free calls to Canada and US

google free calls

When it comes to the cheapest and the free, Google is the most prominent as Google offers the free and the excellent. I was thinking should I make post on this or not since  I wonder there are lot of people out there who is still unaware of  this.

Do you know you that you can get FREE calls to USA and CANADA ? I’m not talking about calling via a pc  using MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype. I’m talking about calling over to the phone from a pc FREE. Yes, this opportunity is available from last year and it lasts till the end ot this year.

How to get FREE calls to Canada and US ?

First go to Link and click on “Try it now” button

google voice try in now

Install the plugin and restart the browser. Accept the agreement.



Now you can get free calls to Canada and US.

google voice