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administrator account

How to make Administrator’s password blank

administrator account It is a terrible thing to lose your administration password on your own computer. Don’t worry I will tell you how to recover your administrator password in a matter of moments. This method needs another PC or if you are running on dual boot system even this would be helpful.

With another PC:

First remove your hard drive in which the operating system has been installed (If you don’t know you can check which hard drive has “Windows, Program Files, User or Document and settings” folders.) and save your hard drive by changing jumpers and plug your hard drive to another computer.

If you are booting through your hard drive, boot it’s hard drive first because we will be change two files in your Windows Directory.

If it is booting through your hard drive we can’t change the files which we wish to change. After booting the computer, go to system32 folder located in windows folder and go to config folder.

Now you can see there is a file called “sam” it is 256 KB right ? This file keeps information of users and passwords of your computer.

Now go to repair folder located in Windows Folder. You will see there is another file called “sam” and it is 24KB. This folder contains no information of users and passwords so it has less capacity file size. Copy the original file located in your config folder first as a backup. Now copy “sam” file from repair folder, paste it to config folder and replace the sam file which is already there.

If you are running on dual boot system

If you lose your Windows XP admin password you should boot from another operating system like Windows 7. The same way as mentioned above with another PC but always remember you can’t change this file while you are running on the particular operating system. Enjoy.

firefox tools add ons

Complete guide on how to remove facemoods

I wrote an article about how to get rid of Facemoods search before. But it seems people are thirsty to find out how to remove facemoods software completely. Therefore I decided to rewrite and update this article.

People install this software in two ways.

01.Mozila Firfox Addon
02.Facemoods web site

01. Here is how to remove Facemoods if you have installed it as an add-on on Firefox.

Open Firefox and Tools –> Add-ons
firefox tools add ons

Find the “Facemoods” extension and hit on “Uninstall
firefox add ons uninstall facemoods

And restart the Firefox 😀

02. Remove facemoods if you have installed it from their web site.

In this way facemoods installs on your computer extensively. That means it is installsed in all the browsers.

Go to “Control Panel” and open Add or Remove Programs. Find the “Facemoods” application from the list and simply hit on “Remove” button.
add or remove programs uninstalling

Not finish yet. Open your Firefox you can see Facemoods enhanced search and the toolbar is still there. To remove these go to “Tools” and hit on “Add-ons” uninstall the facemoods extension like we did earlier.
firefox add ons uninstall facemoods

Restart the browser. Now you can see facemoods toolbar has disappeared.
Firefox facemoods search

But Facemoods enhanced search is still there. I do not think that you will be happy if some other search engine takes over your browsers. Actually facemoods changes core setting in Firefox. Sounds advanced ahh ? 😀

Type “about:config” (without quotes) and press enter.
firefox aboutconfig

Hit on “I’ll be careful, I promise” button
hit on I'll be careful I promise

Type “facemoods” in the filter bar.

And it will bring you everything relevant to facemoods. Right click on the “browser.startup.homepage” (first one) and hit on “Reset”
right click on browser.startup.homepage reset

Hit on “Reset” on “keyword.URL” as well
right click on keyword url reset

Restart the browser you will see facemoods has disappeared.

With Google chrome

Click on “Customize and control google chorme” and go to “Options”
Google chrome Options

Change home page to and Hit on “Manage”
Google chrome Options manage

Select “Google” and hit on “Make Default”
Google make defult

Select “Facemoods” and hit on “Remove”
Google chrome remove facemoods

With Internet Explorer

Go to “Tools” and hit on “Internet Options”
Internet Explorer Tools Internet options

Hit on “Use Default”
Internet Options hit on Use Defaults

You are done.


(Note: This article was old but I had to do some major changes to this blog. Therefore I loosed all comments for this page.)

right click on my computer

How to Disable Error Report Service in Windows XP

If a program gets stuck, there is a small window which will pop up. This is called a “Windows Error Report”. Sometimes people call it the “Windows don’t send error” Lol ! Because users generally click on the “Don’t Send” button. Sending these reports are vital only if you have an internet connection.

Alright this is how we disable it:

Right click on the “My computer” and go to properties
right click on my computer

Click on “Advanced” tab and click on the “Error Reporting” button
click on error reporting

and put the tick on “Disable error reporting.
tick on disable error report

And that’s the way it is done.

nimztech animation

How to create an animation on the desktop

nimztech animationHave you seen some people have cool animations on their desktop? And you are unable to click on it since the animation has embedded in to their desktop. Didn’t you try to set an animation in to your desktop? All right here we go.

First find a GIF animation image. If you want to create your own GIF animation you can learn it from here

Right click on the desktop and go to properties.

Click on the “Customize Desktop” in the Desktop tab
click on customize desktop

Click on Advanced tab and click on the Error Reporting button

Go to web tab and click on “New” button
click on new button

and then browse your GIF image and open it.
open gif animation

and click on OK twice “Desktop Item” window and “Display Properties”

Ok now you can see your animation is activated on the desktop. Tip your mouse point over it, a border will be appearing. Click on the top of the border and move it where you want it to be.

Click on small arrow and click on “Customize my desktop”
click on the arrow

Finally tick on “Lock desktop items”

All right you are done. You will see that even you are unable to move the animation now. If you want to move or remove it ,untick “Lock desktop items” first. You can go there right clicking on your desktop.

icon on the desktop

Lets create a simple icon on Paint

icon on the desktopEveryone’s heard of Paint, right? It’s a simple software which has basic tools for drawing and editing. But with this simple software we can make simple, yet cool icons?

This is how it’s done…

Open Paint and draw something you like. The dimensions should be 16 x 16, 32 x 32 or 48 x 48, these are standard icon sizes. I prefer 48 x 48 because it has more space in comparing with the other two.

I will draw something simple and you too may draw whatever like and a good one. If you are a creative person and I’m assuming that you know Paint tools.

Here is what I drew.
paint software art

Direct your mouse pointer to the end of the right corner of the document.
drag it up to the left top

Now drag it up to the left top (for the icon size). We can’t create exactly 48 x 48 size because Paint does not have a ruler. So you just have to guess the size of the icon.
paint software art

We are 95% done. Finally go to Save as and save your document like this “my icon.ico” put these two inverted commas and put .ico end of your file name. ICO ? What’s that ? Every file has their own extension type. Likewise this is the icon’s extension. That means you tell it to save as an ICON.
save as my icon.gif

Now you can see how it looks like 🙂
icon on the desktop

office 2007

How to open Office 2007 files in Office 2003

office 2007Today one my best friends called me. He wanted to download and install Windows Office 2007. And I know his computer is old and slow. So I asked him why he wants to install the latest Office 2007 because He said he is using Microsoft Office 2003 and he just wants to open Office 2007 files. So I told him the solution is to run Windows Microsoft Office 2007 files on Microsoft Windows 2003 without installing 2007.

This is how it’s done.

Go to Microsoft website ( type “Office Compatibility Pack” in the search box and search. Hit on first result

type on search

Now download the pack. It’s free.

office compatibility pack search result and download

Run the installation

office compatibility pack setup

When the installation is complete open a Microsoft Office 2007 file then you will see it opens on Microsoft Office 2003.