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How to create an event using Google Calendar


We organize events and make use of Facebook to invite our friends and guests. But majority of people  are unaware that they can create events and invite people via Google Calendar. Comparing to Facebook event invitations, Gmail event invitations look professional.

How to create an event using Google Calendar ?

First sign into  Gmail. Go to Google Calendar. Hit on Create event

create event

Now you will see a web page where you can enter your event details such as;

  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • Event starting time and ending time
  • Location
  • Description

These are the main areas you have to fill in.


There after, your invitees can be added,


You can see  3 option in this menu. If  it is a limited party, you can  remove the tick on “invite others”.

It will seek your permission  to send out the invitations, when you hit on the Save button finally.


This is the invitation that your invitees will receive


Once  they hit on” Yes, Maybe and No”, responses  will come to your inbox.

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How to add Google +1 button to your website

With all the information on seo online its hard to find real information that works, everyone is telling you do this and do that but never really show you how to show up on search engine results there only focus seems to be to tell you build links and onsite edits but never a real focus on what ways you can gain links or what you need to do to beat the competition or how to do a competitor analysis.


How to add Google +1 button to your website


Google introduced +1 button couple of  days back. If you read my previous blog article, you can find out the  importance of Google +1. We can see this new feature almost on  all the  websites and blogs.  From this article I will show you how to add Google +1 button to your website.

How to add Google +1 button to your WordPress blog ?

The easiest way is to install a plugin for Google +1 button. Then login to your WordPress blog and click  “Add New” under Plugins. There are lot of plugin buttons for this. However in my opinion there is an ideal plugin called “WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button” which is easy to use, uncomplicated,  and trouble free.

Therefore search for “WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button”


The following  plugin will appear as the first search result in your search.

wordpress-plugin-google +1-button

Install it. After the instalation ,you can see a new tab called” Google +1” ahead of the Performance tab.


Go to settings and customize it accordingly.


How to add Google +1 button to your static website ?

Go to Google webmasters. You can see there is ” Get Recommended on Google search

get-recommended-on-google-search-google +1button

Sign in with your Gmail. After you log in, you will be given 4 button options. Select your preference.


There are two separate codes to be placed on your web page.
First code is to be placed inside of the HEAD tag or before the ending body tag and set the second code where you want Google +1 button to be appeared.


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windows file protection

How to check for problems with protected system files

If you do a search on your pc, you can not see any protected system files in the search result. Because Protected System files are configured not to display by default. They are important files. If something happened to these files system won’t work properly.

How to check for problems with protected system files ?

Open “Run” and run this command “SFC.EXE /SCANNOW” (without invited commas)

windows file protection

And it will ask you the windows cd

insert your windows xp professional

If there is any corruption in protected system files windows will repair them.


How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue


Programs crash due to many reasons. It’s not new nor is it a big thing to a pc. But we cannot work if a program crashes continuously.

Google Chrome browser has this crashing problem due to couple of reasons.

How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue?

Solution 1

Google Chrome browser crashes because the browser is not up to date. Therefore first check your Google Chrome browser version and see whether you have the latest, if not update it.

Solution 2

Sometimes Google Chrome browser crashes after installing some third party software, such as Internet Download Manager. If you installed it follow this method.

Open Internet Download Manager and go to option. Untick “Google Chrome” from under “capture downloads from the following browsers”

internet download manager untick google chrome browser

Solution 3

If you just installed a new extension open Google Chrome extensions and uninstall it. Also, when you install third party software some unnecessary extensions are installed without asking you. Have a look and uninstall them too.

Solution 4

Malware can crash your Google Chrome browser. Might be a virus is trying to inject the Google Chrome browser every time you open the browser. Because of this, your favorite Google Chrome browser can crash. Therefore, do a system scan and see whether you have any malware in your system.

Solution 5

This can be due to corruption of system files. Therefore check whether your protected system files are corrupted. If so repair them.

Solution 6

If you still have the problem after following these four steps, I suggest you do a system restore. Then your Google Chrome browser will be definitely fine.

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How to update your Google Chrome browser


I suggest you to check your Google Chrome browser version. If there is any new version, update it because Google browser gets crashed due to using old versions sometimes.

Google Chrome team makes its maximam effort to make it more secured, faster, user friendly. Therefore you have the best more secured, faster, user friendly browser if you update it properly.


How to update Google Chrome browser

Click on “Tools” and select “About Google Chrome” from the pop up menu.


Then a window will pop up. You can see a tiny animation which searches for a new update.  If there is a new update it will be searched and installed automatically.

Google Chrome ckecking for updates.



Google Chrome installing updates.



Google Chrome update is done now browser is up to date.



How to decrease file size of bulk of photos within couple of seconds

Maybe you took your friends pictures from your camera and you want to email them to him. But total files size is around 100Mb. If you send them as it is it will take long time and maybe it won’t deliver to him. You can upload them to somewhere and you can send him the download link but if he doesn’t need high quality pictures that is useless. Because it takes long time to download.

What is the easy way to send them if he doesn’t need high quality photos?

It is a good idea if you can decrease each file’s size. Then you can email them easily. Light Image resizer is a great freeware tool which we can use to decrease the file size of bulk of photos at once.

Note : Don’t install the second software, it’s a headache for your all browsers.

How to use Light Image resizer tool ?

Open the software and click on “files”


Browse images and open them.

light image resizer browsing pictures

Choose the best option from drop down menu. For this I choose “Email (724 x 768)”


Right then click on “Process”. Then it will start proceed your request.


Finally it will create a zip file.


Gmail allows you to chat with your AIM buddies directly now

Earlier you should have an AIM account to chat with your AIM friends in Gmail chat. Therefore if you do not sign in to AIM from Gmail you can not chat with your AIM friends. Now you do not want an AIM account. You can directly chat with them.

How to chat with AIM friends in Gmail chat?

Simply type their AIM screen name in chat “search, add or invite” filed. Then choose “invite to chat” from the popup menu.


Once your AIM friend accepted your invitation you can chat with him/her in Gmail chat.


How to cut mp3s without a software

When we do not have a proper software and when we work on a computer as a guest, is a great free tool which we can cut mp3 online. It is especially useful because we do not want to install anything. We just need to visit the website and upload the mp3.

What is cool about this tool ?

  • Totally free
  • No need to register
  • Super fast
  • Simple procedure

How to use this tool?

Simply click on upload Mp3 button and browse your mp3.


Drag the bar to where you want to start cutting your mp3 and hit on ” Split and Download” button.


Now you can download your customized mp3.


How to activate Gmail Desktop notifications

While we browse the internet we normally open several tabs in the browser. If we have minimized the browser we cannot see when new emails are coming until we restore the browser. With this “Gmail Desktop notification” you are able to recieve notifications from the right side of the task bar suddenly when a new email or chat message arrives.

Unfortunately “Gmail Desktop notifications” currently only works with Google Chrome.


It will be available for all major browsers in the future I presume.

How to activate the Gmail Desktop notifications ?

Login to your Gmail and go to mail settings. Look for “Desktop Notifications”. Simply switch on “New mail notifications on – Notify me when any new message arrives in my inbox” by clicking the tick button on.


Thats it. Now you can see Gmail Desktop notifications when an email or a chat message arrives to you.



How to customize your bookmark toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

When you installed Mozilla Firefox you can see there are default links in the bookmark toolbar. Truth is majority of people do not use them at all.


Some people do not even notice there are links which we do not use. What we can do is we can simply put our most visiting website links there.
Personally I love to put fav icons instead putting name of the websites because fav icons look good in the toolbar and they do not take much space.
How to put websites’ fav icons as bookmark in bookmark tool bar?
First delete all default bookmarks from the bookmark toolbar by right clicking on them and click delete.


Visit the website which you want to add to bookmark toolbar. Then drag and drop the website’ fav icon in to bookmark toolbar.


Full name of the website will be there. You can remove the name right clicking on it and go to properties.


You can put your all most visiting websites’ fav icons in bookmark toolbar.



How to fix “firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” error?


This is kind of an annoying error message comes from Mozilla Firefox when you start Mozilla Firefox or when you browse the internet for a while.

How to fix “firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” error?

Most of the time this error comes due to newly add-on installation which is not installed from Mozilla Firefox add-ons and also due to not updating Firefox properly.  If you just install a new software which installs a new add-on to Mozilla Firefox.

Go to Tools and Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox.

Disable the new add-on which is installed by new software installation.

Restart the Mozilla Firefox and check you still get the same error.

If still the error comes go to Control Panel –> Add or Remove Programs uninstall Mozilla Firefox.

Download newest Mozilla Firefox and Install.

Open Mozilla Firefox. Error will not appear again.


It is a good thing to have your Facebook profile backup

Having a backup of anything is sensible. If you a web designer, a writer whoever you are what ever you do it is good to get a backup of your work. Anyway what about your social network profiles? Can you get a backup of your profiles? Yes you can. Facebook gives you an option to get a backup. I wonder why people do not make use of it even if they have been provided with backup option download. I never think Facebook will be down in the future. But HOPE FOR THE BEST PLAN FOR THE WORST. Logging to your Facebook account and get your backup right now.

How to get a Facebook backup ?

First go to Account and Account settings. Hit on “learn more” which is next to Download Your Information.


Verify your password


You are going to have a security check. Hit on Start and next step is something really new. This is called Social Authentication which is introduced newly by Facebook team. Do the test by identifying your friends in the photos.


Then Hit on Download button. You can see what is your file size of your backup file (download file). When your download file is ready you will receive an email saying your download file is ready.


Did you accidentally block images of any website?

This happens to lot of people. When you right click on an image you can see an option called “Block Images from |” (

yahoo block images

Actually you may be going to send the link of the image to someone. But accidentally you have clicked on this option. The bad news is those images do not display you at the next time the same website loads. Too bad ahh ?

Here is how to unblock images of any web site on Mozilla Firefox.

Go to “Tools” and “Options”

Click on “Content” tab and hit on second “exceptions” button which is in the front “Loads Images automatically”
Mozilla Firefox Tools Options exceptions

Now you can see one site is blocked by you. Highlight it and hit on “Remove site”
Mozilla Firfox exceptions images

Then refresh the page and images will appear consequently. Now you are done.

how to copy some content from a web page

How do you copy something from a web page? Go to the web page and highlight the content, copy and paste them in to a word document right? Is that what you do? (Note :I should mention that I’m not talking about copy other’s content and build another web site.) If you have done it in that way, you must have definitely noticed it looks like a mess after you paste it in to word. Like this.

This happens because word tries to get the exact html content to the document. But we do not want html styles in the word document. We just need simple text right?

Here is this could be solved. After you copy from the web page ,open the note pad. Paste them there first then you can copy from the note pad and paste them in to the Word document. You get clean simple text only. 😀

private browsing

How to browse the internet privately

private browsingEveryone loves his/her privacy. This comes even when you browse the internet. This is an issue when you use a shared computer. Browsers remember your history, which means that you have to clear your history if you do not want others to see what you have visited and what you have downloaded. It is a cumbersome when you have to do it over and over again, Isn’t it ?

So there is a cool feature on Mozilla Firefox it called Private Browsing. This feature comes with only 3.5 and later versions, but remember this does not make you browse the internet anonymously.

Private Browsing does not remember visited web sites, downloaded list, cached files and passwords. But if you bookmark while you browse private browsing, it will not be removed when you stop private browsing also the files you downloaded will not be deleted.

First, I suggest you update your mozila browser to the latest version if you have the older version (before 3.5)

Ok To start private browsing go to “Tools” and select “Start Private Browsing”
Mozilla Firefox click on start private browsing

Firefox will save your current tabs and when you are done with private browsing it will restore the tabs. Tick on “Do not show this message again” if you do not want to see this alert when you shift to private browsing.
start private browsing

Ok. You are in Private Browsing. You can see that browser shows you that you are using Private Browsing.
private browsing

When you are done with the Private Browsing session, you can go to “Tools” and hit on “Stop Private Browsing”
click on stop private browsing

And if you want to use Private Browsing always, you can go to “Options” and go to “Privacy” tab then select “Use custom settings for history”
use custom setting for history

Finally put a check on “Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session” and click OK to save your changes.
automatically start firfox in a private browsing session

Thats how you can browse the internet privately with Firefox.