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How to get Facebook notifications to your email again

Imagine you have 500 friends on your Facebook profile and you are an active Facebook journalist. You comment on other’s status, Other’s pictures and your friends comment on your status, photos. You receive bunch of Facebook notifications to your email. Maybe you receive 10 notification emails from Facebook everyday. Yes it is kind of irritating.

Therefore Facebook stopped sending notifications to your email. They have taken this decision after a research I presume. But some people need Facebook to send notifications to their emails just like it was.

Yes you can get notifications to you email with few clicks.

Go to “Account Settings”


Then Click on “Notifications” from top left side of the page.


Now untick “Send me important updates and summary emails instead of individual notification emails”


If you want to stop sending Facebook notifications you can repeat the same procedure.

new google maps with webgl

Did you experience new Google Maps with 3D ?

new google maps with webgl

This is an incredible feature brought by Google Maps. If you have used Google Maps before you would remember how it was. It didn’t have that much nice looking 3D maps. It tried to give you much 3D look but failed.Now Google Maps comes with WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library).

What is WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library)  ?

WebGL is a new web technology which brings 3D graphics to your browser. Sounds great ahh ? The best part is you don’t need to install any new software or single plugin to your computer.

Can anyone use Google 3D Maps ?

Like I said this is a new web technology. Therefore you need to have updated browser.

Chrome version 14 + or Firefox 8+ are support for Google 3D maps. And your operating systems should be Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6+, Lion 10.7+, Windows Vista or 7 or Linux. Other thing is your drivers. Your drivers should be published later than January 1, 2009.

To get started visit and you will see “Want to try something new” in the bottom left side of the page.

want to try somethng new


How to setup Google 2-Step Verification ?


You know how important your Google user name and password are, if you use specially Google Adsense. There are lot of applications which can be run via your Google account. I don’t think that you want to let someone hack your Google account. I seriously don’t even want to think about it. Yes it is scary.

Google introduced a fantastic option to protect your Google account from hackers sometime back. But majority still don’t use it and some have not even heard about it. This is called 2-Step Verification. Actually this works with your phone as well. This is a great idea as  hackers can guess your password but they can not have access to your phone.

How does Google 2-Step Verification work ? 

It is really simple. If someone tries to sign-in to your Google account, Google asks you a verification code which is simultaneously sent to your phone. Then hackers have no luck in signing  in to your Google account even  though they are brilliant in guessing  your password as they can not have access to your phone.

When you go through the setup you can choose another phone number as backup. You can set your home number there. They apparently  give you 10 more backup verification codes.

How to setup Google 2-Step verification ?

Go to your Account settings.


Click on “Using 2-step verification” and go through the setup process.


That it. You just added another security layer to your Google account.

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How to fix “Missing required plugin BRS pencil tool ExpandS Pathfinder Suite” error on Illustrator CS2, CS3, CS4 ?


I know this is very annoying. An Error pops up when I need to finish an urgent design on Illustrator. Yes it’s the same that you may come  across too. I reinstalled Illustrator CS4 again. It just used to waste my time. I have seen this error comes on Illustrator CS2, CS3 too. Unfortunately no one answers the question properly. Nevertheless this is how I figured it out.

According to my experience, this error comes If your computer restarts suddenly while Illustrator is being opened.

“Missing required plugin pathfinder suite”  is the error. There are more errors similar to “Missing required plugin BRS pencil tool ExpandS Pathfinder Suite ”

To solve this problem let Illustrator create a new preferences file. If the error is still on the screen, click OK to quit the error and go to

Documents and Settings/user profile/Application Data/Adobe/

(By default “Application Data” folder is hidden. Therefore to show this particular folder, go to Control Panel –> Folder Options –> Click on View Tab –> Remove the  tick from “Show hidden files and folders then click on OK and Apply.)

You can see there is a folder called “Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings” rename this folder to “AIPrefs_old

Right! you are done. Without hesitation open the Illustrator now. I assure you that it won’t give you the error again.

featured profiles from

Get your sexy and fancy profile page for free

featured profiles from

Can you remember one of my previous aricles with the topic” how to get visitor feedback easily” which is a free online tool? Today I brought another great website to show you. gives you a sexy clean & single profile page for free. Yes you heard it right. It is absolutely free.

We have more profiles on internet.

Yes I know you have more profiles on internet such as Linkin, Twitter etc. But they basically target professionals and most of us use them for business purposes whereas your facebook profile is private for you. Therefore unwanted parties are not allowed to peep into your profile. looks handy and fancy. You can set your image as your profile background and scribble your details on it. On the other hand, It gives you a specific url to visit your profile (http//

To get this started ,go to and and enjoy your handy, fancy profile.


How to publish your Twitter tweets on your Facebook page ?

How to publish your Twitter tweets on your Facebook page ? Or do you still wonder how come your facebook friends write on their Facebook page via Twitter?

Maybe you want to share the same link you updated on twitter. If it automatically goes to your Facebook page, come on! It’s great as you don’t have to share the same link on Facebook again. It is the advantage.

There are two ways to publish Twitter tweets on Facebook

Enabling from Twitter account

This is the general way. Go to your Twitter account —> Settings


Go to Profile


Go to the bottom of the page. Click on “Post your Tweets to Facebook” button.


Click on “sign in to facebook and connect your accounts” button.

sign in to facebook and connect your accounts

It will identify your Facebook account if you have already signed in. If not you have to sign in to your Facebook account.

Then it will request permission.

request for permission

Right! You’re done. Click on “Save” to apply changes you made to your Twitter account.

With Selective Tweet Status 

In my opinion I don’t like the general way. Because I don’t want to share all tweets on Facebook. There are some tweets I don’t want to publish on Facebook. Therefore I’d better go with something over which I have control.

There is a super Facebook application called Selective Tweet Status. Go to the application, type your Twitter user name and hit “Save” button.


Just add #fb at the end of your tweet which you want to set on Facebook.



Have you come across with the New sign-in page in Google


Few months ago Google builded realtime search and they also improved Google search . Google corporation always improves their products. They have turned up with a major change in their Sign In page. The design has been modified. But still it directs to the old page when you access the sign in page. They’ve made us experiencing the latest version you can see too links appearing at the bottom of the Google sign in page.

By clicking “Preview it” you can jump in to the new look. According to Google you are allowed to skip the latest version and be in contact with the old ,if you are not so cozy with the new look. But that’s just for a certain period of time. Most probably the  new design maybe the default page in time to come.

Sometimes you may see the old page design again even if you switch to the new design. It happens due to signing in from a different browser or different location (IP address). Not to worry! it is not an error.  Always check the URL of the browser to make sure that you have landed in right Google sign in page. As you know,It’s apparent that Google sign in page is extremely Secured. Therefore check whether it is HTTPS and Because you may mistakenly type your Google user name and password in a different web page which is a trap of a spammer.

If you see any errors or bugs you can report here. Please report them because it helps foster their superior products.


Get visitor feedback easily

Obtaining visitors’ feedback is a good thing as you know what do visitors exactly look for? As an example suppose you want to ask your visitors that for how long have they been reading your blog. You can question them by dropping an email to your list or you can send a link via email where it directs a survey page. I believe that it’s not ethical to force or bother our readers in order to receive a feedback. You better pose your question without disturbing your visitors.

kissinsights is a great free tool which helps you  get visitor feedback. They have a survey of more than 40 templates. If you need to create your own survey you have to upgrade it. You can be aware of what your readers are looking for very easily.

It installs a handy box at the bottom of the website. You will receive an email once people submit their answers.



Website is down. Is it just for me ?

Websites could be down due to many reasons. Common problems are owing to web server problems or the problems with internet connection. Imagine you visit a website and it’s not working. But your friends say that it’s working. Sounds like the particular website doesn’t work only for you. Maybe the webmaster has blocked your ip address.



Can’t you check the website is down only for you without asking your friend? you Can. downforeveryoneorjustme is a great simple website which check websites’ real status.

I checked as an example.


Actually below web site does not exist. This is what it says.



How to update your Nokia E71

Developers develop software everyday. They always work for giving better versions of software. Might be there are some crashing issues when you use old versions with new applications. Because new applications are designed for current versions which don’t concern much about old version. That is true as technology should be improved day by day. As an example Google Chrome crashes due to usage of an old version.

It is the same for Mobile phones. If you update your mobile software, you will feel better improved features and much better graphics for sure. Ealiar I wrote a article How to use your Nokia phone to go online on a pc. Today also it is about updating your nokia E71.  I will show you how to update your Nokia E71 mobile software today.

I imagine you have installed Nokia OVI suite because it is an essential software if you have a Nokia phone. If you still have not installed it first download it and install it.

Connect mobile using USB cable and select “PC Suite” from the phone options. Open the “Nokia OVI Suite” and click on “Update device software”


Software will automatically find updates for your phone.


This step is very important DO NOT miss this step. Everything on your device will be deleted. Therefore backup your device.


Follow these steps properly. DO NOT remove your USB cable while it installs updates.

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accept the agreement

How to use your Nokia phone to go online on a pc

Nowadays mobiles are very smart. Mobiles having everything especially when it comes to browsing internet. We can not believe the speed it carries and browsing compatibilities. We use HSPA modems which is also known as dongles to connect internet when we travel. They use 3G technology. But many smart phones support HSPA 3G technology now. Therefore we can use mobile as external HSPA modems. Good thing is it’s really easy to install and no difficult configuration.

For this I’m going to use Nokia E71 to connect internet on a pc. You can use any mobile phone which supports HSPA 3G.

First download and install Nokia OVI Suite. Connect USB cable to mobile. When you plug the cable you can see the phone gives your four option to select.

  • PC Suite
  • Mass Storage
  • Media transfer
  • Connect PC to web

Select “Connect PC to web”. As soon as you select it you can see immediately some notifications coming from the taskbar and install necessary drivers to connect to internet (This happens first time only). A window will come after that. Accept the terms and conditions.


accept the agreement


It will take less than one minute to install the software.


installing your phone


Preparing to connect E71.


Preparing to connect E71


Entire installing part is done. Now it’s going to connect automatically.


connecting automatically


All right It’s connected. Now you can browse the speed.


connected to dialog via internet


Get your Gmail backup and store it in a USB drive

Having a backup of your data is definitely a good thing. We never know what will happen to our data. What about your email backups? Have you got a backup created for you? There are major email providers like Gmail whom we can’t even think that they will make us helpless one day. But If someone hacks your Gmail account what if he/she deletes your entire inbox and sent items ? Scary right? I know it is and if you want to use your old email where internet is not available. Therefore having a backup is very important and useful.

We can use Outlook to get your backup. But there is a handy piece of free software out there. It’s called MailStore. Cool thing is we can even carry the backup in a USB pen drive.

Here is how to install this software.

Download the software and install it. Open the software. Click archive email to add your Gmail account.




Click on Google mail.


And enter your gmail user name and password. Go forward by licking next  button and click finish button finally.


enter gmail username and password

As soon as you click the Finish button it will start to analyze and download all mails.


All right !back up is ready now. Click on “Backup to HD or USB”




It will save two folders and two pdf files. You can find your backup data file, mailstore setup file and pdf read me file (how to restore your backup)

phone is in water bowl

Did you drop your Mobile in water

phone is in water bowl

This is a terrible situation? If someone’s phone dies it’s like his/her death. Because nowadays phones carry all our important data such as reminders, contacts, your birthday pictures which couldn’t yet to be transferred to your pc…and what not?

So what is the first thing you should do if you drop your mobile in the water ? Try to switch on the phone and check whether it is working or not. TOTALLY WRONG. That is the first thing YOU SHOULD NOT DO.

Why is that?

There is water inside of the mobile. Therefore it will fully corrupt the mobile motherboard.

What is the first thing you should do then?

  • Just remove the battery and stop giving the power to the phone.
  • Remove the sim card and memory card also.
  • If you drop your phone in the sea you better put your phone in to a fresh water basket because salt can damage your phone in couple of months.

What’s next?

phone is in bowl of rice

Put your phone in to a bowl of rice and fully covered it with rice. I know it sounds funny. But it really works. Rice can absorb the moisture. Let your phone dry at least 24 hours. DO NOT try to switch on or charge it while its being dried. (Do not try to give extra heat because it can damage your circuit board)

This cool method works with lot of phones of which the battery can be removed after the accident. Nevertheless this solution does not work with iphones.

Haven’t still got free calls to Canada and US

google free calls

When it comes to the cheapest and the free, Google is the most prominent as Google offers the free and the excellent. I was thinking should I make post on this or not since  I wonder there are lot of people out there who is still unaware of  this.

Do you know you that you can get FREE calls to USA and CANADA ? I’m not talking about calling via a pc  using MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype. I’m talking about calling over to the phone from a pc FREE. Yes, this opportunity is available from last year and it lasts till the end ot this year.

How to get FREE calls to Canada and US ?

First go to Link and click on “Try it now” button

google voice try in now

Install the plugin and restart the browser. Accept the agreement.



Now you can get free calls to Canada and US.

google voice


Don’t make birds angry

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the world which was created by Rovio Mobile Company in December 2009. Initially they designed it for Apple’s iOS only. But later on they developed more versions for other devices as well. For the time being almost 12 million copies were sold out from the Apple store.

Few weeks ago they released a version for Google Chrome which run son Flash platform. It has SD and HD versions with fantastic graphics. It is in fact easy to install and it doesn’t take much time to  load.

How to install Angry Birds on Goolge Chrome ?

Go to Google Chrome store and install it. It is not much time consuming.


You can start plying from the browser.


The animation you see if you hitted the special Google Chrome logo in the game. It’s just like a sun rice and it’s little bit difficult to hit it.


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