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How Cloud Based Telephone Communications Work ?

This is a guest post by Stella Wilson. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Making long distance calls could cost you a lot. If you run a small business that deals a lot with customers over the phone. Many businesses now use cold calling techniques to acquire more customers, and with a traditional phone line, this technique will cost them a slum sum of money. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, now it is totally possible for save on your telecommunications costs and improve your business efficiency. We are talking about a technology called Voice Over IP (VoIP).

Today, thanks to this advanced technology, people don’t have to pay a hefty amount of money for their long-distance phone calls. With VoIP, you could save a maximum of 50 percent on your usual monthly phone bills. Many Fortune 500 companies have already utilized this advanced technology to cut costs and increase their business productivity.

VoIP technology will transform analogue audio signals into digital data and transmit them over the Internet. With this technology, you can bypass traditional phone companies and save a ton of money on your telephone charges. Instead of having to rely on your telephony provider to make calls locally and internationally, you just have to make sure your Internet connection is good before making a call.

You can just be located anywhere to have access to your VoIP telephone system. This means a lot to businesses. They don’t need to be located in the US to get a US-based phone number. Plus, they have the option to get as many US numbers as they desire. This way, they can set up a virtual office in the US and get a US telephone number without having to actually move their physical office to the country.

With VoIP technology, you can make and receive calls wherever you are, provided there is an Internet connection available. Mobility is one of the most prominent features of VoIP technology. You will only need a good pair of headphones with a microphone, and maybe a good sound card to start using VoIP right away. The hardware and software cost is minimal, compared to that of a traditional phone system.

If your business is still using an analog phone line and your monthly phone bills have inflated to a hefty amount, it is time to try a corporate phone system. You will be amazed at how much you could save with this break-through telecommunications technology.

 Author Bio: Stella has been writing freelance for over 3 years. She is passionate about technology and like writing interesting articles about telephone systems and telephone systems.

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How to stay safe while using WiFi Hotspots?

This is a guest post by Satinder Singh. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

wifi, theif

Utilizing WiFi hotspots such as those in airports, hotels, coffee shops, and libraries leaves users vulnerable to many online threats such as hacjking, identity theft and malware attacks. Most of the WiFi providers minimize login requirements and other issues in order to offer easy and prompt connectivity to those wanting to use the hotspot. This decreases the security level and makes users easy prey for snoopers, hackers,  and other threats. According to research, WiFi-enabled places are favorite spots for snoopers and hackers. It is easy for them to connect to the open network and hack into the other devices in search of personal information. Therefore, security has become a major concern for users who connect to the internet using WiFi networks.  Below are a few tips to secure your device while using the internet at WiFi hotspots.

Avoid using an Automatic Connection to WiFi Hotspots: Always make sure that “connect automatically” is deactivated on your device. The automatic connection can endanger your privacy as it can connect your device to public networks which may be malicious and can steal your sensitive information.

Connect to trusted network only: Always confirm the network name before establishing a connection. Sometimes hackers use false networks to hack devices so always confirm the official network of the hotspot in question.

Disable File Sharing: It is always recommended to turn off the file sharing feature of your device when you are using a WiFi hotspot. Unless you turn off this setting, anyone sitting near to you can access your files and folders.

Encrypt your Data: Usually websites transfer data to and from your device in plain text which is easy to hack or read – thus you are at high risk. To overcome this situation, always use HTTPS technology to encrypt transferred data. Encrypted data is always safe because it is practically impossible to read and hack.

Use VPN: Browsing the internet on public networks using Virtual Private Network technology is the most effective method to staying protected from all kinds of internet threats. VPN establishes a tunnel over your traffic that not only encrypts your data but also keeps you safe from incoming unencrypted data.  Moreover, it acts as an IP hiding software that masks your real IP address allowing to you remain anonymous and safe from prying eyes.

The tips mentioned above are highly effective in keeping you safe at WiFi hotspots and will let you take advantage of being able to stayed connected at all times. Each of these tips can assist in offering you security, but the one that will have the most impact is a VPN.  It is easy to download and can be done at no cost or by payinga few buckss. Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most advanced, reliable, and most reliable VPNs on the global market. The VPN is also widely appreciated for its seamless performance and easy installation.

Some of the outstanding features of Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  • Supreme Security: Hotspot Shield VPN offers a high level of security against all kinds of internet threats
  • Anonymous Browsing: The software enables you to surf the internet with complete anonymity as it hides your real IP address
  • Flawless performance: Hotspot Shield VPN stands out from other VPNs in terms of performance as it runs without errors
  • Access blocked websites: The user can unblock YouTube, Facebook, or other websites if these sites are blocked on the network on which you’re surfing
  • User friendly: Hotspot Shield VPN is famous for its user friendly features
  • Maximum Bandwidth:  You can enjoy super fast browsing because Hotspot Shield VPN offers maximum bandwidth on wireless as well as wired network
  • Reasonable prices: Paid version of Hotspot Shield VPN is available for a very low price

Author Bio : Satinder Singh  is an Inbound Marketing Analyst at Click Labs, writing for Hotspot Shield, the leading Free VPN service provider. He has shared over 40+ articles pertaining to internet security, online privacy and internet freedom on different technology blogs.

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How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Option for Your Business

This is a guest post by Stella Wilson. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.
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When you have decided to choose the IP based phone system for your office, you will love the options you have to go with it. You can make your office phone easy to take care of, manage and keep everything all together in one easy to access place. This makes it a great choice for any small business. Choosing your service options can be a bit overwhelming. There are many to choose from. Take a look at a few of these to see just what you can get out of your phone system and how to choose the right options to fit your business.

Save Money

Business telephone systems can cost a fortune to have them installed and set up. Then every month your bills change. That is not true with this type of office system. You can rest easy that you will be saving money each month on a consistent phone bill. This is one of the great features of the IP systems. You can easily budget because you know what the bill will be each month. No more costly updates on your phones either.

Cloud Hosting

This helps you to have a large phone system without having to have all the equipment onsite. By using cloud hosting you can have all the numbers and extensions you need without bulky equipment hanging around. This means the internet hosts your information and keeps it safe and sound for you. Do you need to add a new employee? Not a problem with this hosting type. You can update your equipment, send calls where you need them and manage your system all with an easy to use online system. This helps you reduce the amount of equipment on site.


One of the great features to this system is the ability to take your calls wherever you go. If you are starting out with your business and you need to leave the office, you might miss a few calls. Sometimes people do not leave messages and other times they may get lost in the system. With this phone system you can take your calls with you wherever you need to go. You do not need to worry about missed calls again with this hosting system.

Update Easily

Another great feature to this system is the ability to update your system without having to have a technician come out each time. When you use a typical phone system it can require a technician to come out and add extensions or update the phone equipment. By using IP systems you can do this easily online without having to wait or schedule an appointment. This also means you will have the most updated equipment at all times.

Be sure to check the different options out when installing your new phone system. There are so many wonderful benefits to this system. You can choose the ones that fit your office needs and have them up and running in no time! Discover why so many small businesses just like yours are transferring to this type of system.

Author Bio : Stella is a professional technology blogger and shares interesting articles about IP telephone systems


How to get facebook page notifications


Facebook changes often. That is not something new to you. If you remember my past posts, I talked about ‘How to get Facebook notifications to your email again’. Actually they do changes only for the users’ best interest. Liking a page and getting notifications from a page are two different activities. When you liked a page, you can see that particular page’s updates on your news feed but you can also miss some posts. If you do not want to miss a single post or an update from a page, this option is what you are looking for.

This is interesting because once you have done this, Facebook page’s updates appear in your notifications and hence you will not miss a single update or a post.

To do this, go to the Facebook page and mouse over on “Liked” button. Then you will see “Get Notifications” from the small pop-up menu. Just CLICK on it and you will have what you wanted.


That is it. You will see notifications once your preferred Facebook page is been updated.


How to Use Facebook and Twitter on Your iPhone

This is a guest post by Helene Lazarenco . If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Social media is really the big thing right now, even for local businesses.  More and more often if a customer wants more details about a business, they are checking Facebook or Twitter first.  Another thing that is gaining popularity with people is using their mobile devices to go online and check their social media pages.  Don’t be the last to use the newest technology!  Grab your iPhone and get a Facebook and Twitter account.  Here are a few tips on how to use Facebook and Twitter on your iPhone.

Starting the Social Media Trend

To start with, you need to download the Facebook and Twitter Apps.  Once done, you simply tap the icon of the app, type in your username and password and sign in.  It really is that easy.  If you don’t already have an account, all you need to do is create one which you can do through the app.

Now comes the fun!  Type out your first status and watch as it says “via mobile” underneath.  Start using your phone to “check in” places and let your friends know where you are, make quick tweets while you are out and about, and respond to comments in a flash rather than at the end of the day when you get back home.  Using your iPhone makes social networking so much easier.  You no longer have to try to remember an update until you get home when something big happens, you can post it the second it pops into your mind.  You can also be the one that knows the newest news as you can pop on and check updates whenever you want.

For businesses, customers expect fast responses in this fast paced world.  Now you no longer have to set aside time to go to your computer and check to see what your customers are saying.  When you have a lull in your business day you can now make that time productive time by pulling out your iPhone and updating the company’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Helpful Apps and Tips on Sharing

Don’t stop there however!  There are plenty of apps worth downloading that can make the experience easier and better.  Apps such as TweetDeck and iSocialize can really simplify matters, especially for busy business owners.  These apps allow you to login once, write a single status, select the social media websites you want to use and then post a status to all of them with a single push of a button.  This can save you a lot of time logging in and update statuses one by one.

Want to get the most out of the Facebook app?  Here are a few tricks to remember.  You can sync your contacts from your phone to Facebook.  Doing this will transfer Facebook pictures and other helpful items straight to your phone and vice versa.  All you have to do is go to the Facebook app, tap the “friends” option and then tap the box in the right corner and it will say Sync.  Another nifty trick to know is that you can change your cover photo from your iPhone.  Simply tap the camera icon that is on the cover photo of your page. Now you can upload a picture or snap a new one with your phone.

Author Bio: Helene Lazarenco is a dedicated writer at She is passionate by Technology, Security software and Blogging.


How to show passwords behind asterisk

It is a known fact that sometimes we save our passwords in our personal computers as a convenient method to save time and energy but security wise it’s not a good method to follow taking into consideration present fraud attempts going on, such as someone can access to your bank account or social network accounts if they use your computer for just 5 minutes.

But practically it’s an easy and time saving way to log in to all your personal accounts with passwords saved due to the fact by using a single click you can log in to your accounts without having to type the passwords every time you log in to the system.

But you are going to forget your password when you keep this going because you never type the password and your computer remembers the password for you, so what will you do if you forgot the password and you need to type the password this can happen if you totally clear the cache or re-install windows.

This is how you can read password behind Asterisks on browsers.

Drag and drop this bookmark in to your bookmark.

Bookmark This

Now you go to the log-in page. As an example Gmail. Then go the bookmark and open it. You will get a small window with the password you have saved in your browser.



 This is how you can read password through Asterisks on any window on your computer.

Download this small software and install it (It’s a totally trustworthy software). Open the software window where you have saved the log-in password and open the software it. Click on “Recover”


You will see the password behind Asterisks.

google chrome startup pages

How to set Google Chrome multiple homepages ?

What is the first website you visit when you open Google Chrome ?It might be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc because you need to check your email first. To me It’s Gmail. What is the second website you visit ? Twitter or facebook ? Third one might be CNN.

It doesn’t matter the priority. But there are at least 3 or 4 websites you visit once you open Google Chrome.

How would it be if Google Chrome opened those 3 websites as soon as you logged into Google Chrome ? Sounds sweet right ? much easier and time saver than having to open them one by one instead they are already open for you to surf.

Now that is possible just follow the below given instructions..

Go to settings first to set Google Chrome multiple homepages.


On startup menu click “Set Pages”


Type your 3 or 4 websites URL one by one and click OK.

google chrome startup pages

That’s it. Close Google Chrome and open it again.

You will see Google chrome opens multiple homepages automatically.


Google Chrome start to download files automatically for some websites

It is a usual thing If your browser starts to download files when you click download links but it is very usual If your browser starts to download files automatically when you open websites, you can’t even view these websites either hence this is a very irritating issue while also the next issue is Google Chrome crashing once this happens.

Solution 1

Open Google Chrome browser and reset everything. Go to Tools —–> Clear browsing data


Mark everything and click on “Clear browsing data”


Then restart the browser.

Go to solution 2 if you still have the issue.

Solution 2

If your browser started to download files automatically you might have installed “Internet download manager”.

Uninstall “Internet download manager and see if you still have the issue.

 Solution 3

Check your browser version. You need to update Google Chrome if the browser is outdated.

mozilla do not tracked

Would you mind If I see your online behavior data ?

mozilla do not tracked

Would you mind If I see what kind of website you mostly visit ? What kind advertisements you click ? etc

You sure don’t. No one likes that. Many people want to browse the web anonymously using a proxy server even. Because everyone has their privacy. If you remember I wrote another article on How to browse the internet privately Yes this similar to that.

Mozilla Firefox 4 started to send your online behavior data. This feature is called “Do not block”. They introduced this feature in 2011 but majority of people are still not aware of this. It comes by default.

Therefore it keeps sending your data until you change it.

But why do they do it ? Those data help advertisers to put advertisements on websites. Because they can know what kind of websites you mostly visit and what kind of advertisements you click. etc

To stop that simply go to Tools —> Options

tell websites I do not want to be tracked

And mark on “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked”.


Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience


“Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience”

You probably have seen this error if you are a Windows XP user. Worse thing is this error disconnects your internet until you restart the computer. Other annoying thing is this error crashes your opened applications.

Good thing is it’s easy to solve the problem. You don’t have to use any third party software. I have seen some people pay couple of dollars to buy some small software to fix this issue.

You can see this error if you installed windows couple of days ago. But you can’t see this error if you have genuine windows and if you went through windows security updates.

We have two solutions.

1. Go to this link

This is called hotfix package. Chose your operating system.


Download the hotfix package. Install it and restart the computer.


2. Go to these two links.



Download two files and install them. Restart the computer.

You won’t see that error 🙂


How to Make Circles in Google+ ? It’s Fun !

This is a guest post by Arthur Bail. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Are you acquainted with Google+ ? Google+ is not as popular a concept as Twitter and Facebook; it has just emerged in the social networking domain. Although very few users are surfing Google+ these days, it is expected to earn widespread popularity in recent future. Every social networking site has its own unique feature and Google+ is not an exception. Can you name the special feature of Google+ ? Creating groups of friends through circles is a distinctive feature of this social networking site.

Google+ Circles – An Exclusive Feature

If you are novice to Google+, this write up from remote computer support experts are there to assist you. Are you wondering what the circles are all about? Circles are useful in the sense they enable you to keep a track of the people in a particular circle. This is also another way of organizing your friends according to their real time acquaintances.

When you open your friend list, you can readily view your family members from the family circle, close friends, workplace friends and so on from their respective circles. You can share the relevant contents with the relevant persons. For instance, if you are planning for an office party with the colleagues exclusively, you should only share it with the office friends’ circle.

This is one social networking site that allows you to keep your private information exclusively to a definite group. Share your details with the circle of friends you like and hide the details from friends you do not want. Hearing about its stunning feature do you like to make your own Google+ circles? Scroll down below to know the easiest way to do so.

Create Google+ Circle

Step 1: To start with, sign into your Google+ account and go to toolbar. There you have to click circles icon and the respective page will be opened.

Step 2: Four default circles are available from Google+ – Acquaintances, Family, Friends and Following. Are these default circles not enough for you? Create your own circle by selecting the users you like to add to your group and putting them into the number of circles you wish. For instance, in case you desire to add your cousin to both family and friends circle, you are free to accomplish your desire.

Step 3: Selecting your group of friends, drag and drop these to a blank circle that reads “drop here to create new circle”. When you have successfully completed the step, you will get to see the number of users you have added to your new circle.

Step 4: Click on the option of “create circle” that comes up and name the new circle in the empty box given. Are you not happy with the default circle name? Rename it as you like by clicking on “rename” option and save it.

Step 5: Correct execution of the steps will show up your new circle in the line of the default ones.

Have you been successful in creating your own preferred circle? If not, follow this simple guideline or contact the online computer services for help.

Author Bio: Arthur Bail is associated with the My Tech Support Store that provides online computer support and remote tech support.


Post excerpts on home page with Twentyten theme


I’m a big fan of WordPress Twentyten theme. Because of it’s classiness. But by default It shows all full posts on home page, search page, category pages etc. Because of that users have to wait little longer till page loads. Other thing is you can not show many posts when they show full posts (It take long space). That is why it is always better if you can show only post excerpts in home page and other pages. Then you can show many posts too.

You can do this easily.

Go to Appearance —> Editor then find loop.php

Replace this code

<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

With this code.

<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() || is_home() || is_front_page() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

You are done. Now check your home page and other pages. Users don’t have to wait till all posts load on home page and other pages.

Note : If you are new to coding or if you are new to wordpress I strongly recommend you to backup loop.php before you edit it.

saving pictures from download fb album

How to download your facebook friends’ picture albums

I showed you how to get your Facebook profile backup before. This tutorial will illustrate how to download your friends’ picture albums. I hope you won’t be using this with the intention of manipulation.(Its not ethical to use our knowledge to satisfy absurd purposes which are harmful to others.)

Go to Chrome Web Store (Don’t worry this is free) and search “Download FB album”

Then Click on “Add To Chrome” button. Right ! Installation is done already.

download fb album add to chrome

Go to your friends’ album and check there is an icon on the left corner of the URL bar.

download fb album icon

Click the icon and wait till it grabs all pictures in a new web page nicely. Then press “Ctrl+s” save the web page and save it.

saving pictures from download fb album

Now all album pictures are in the folder.

That’s it.


Complete guide on how to Use Gmail multiple sign in

I have got several Gmail address. One is for personal use and others are for business purposes. Signing in to an email address is not a problem but when you have several address it is a headache. Because we have to sign out and sign in from each email address to check them. You will say that you can use several browsers to sign in to a different Gmail address. But know it also is a mess when you have several browsers open in your screen.

Google knows that we have several Gmail addresses. They always understand our specific needs and cater accordingly. So as a solution to the aforesaid matter they introduced “Gmail multiple sign in”.

With this Google Multiple Sign-in you can easily shift in to the other Gmail address from the same browser. You can open multiple tabs for each Gmail account.

That’s the beauty of this great feature. But if you are a simple user, I think this is not for you because it is little bit complicated when you work with several Gmail accounts at once. That’s why Google recommends this feature for advanced users.

Activating Gmail multiple sign in is simple. Go to “Account Settings”


Click on “Edit”


Select “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” and checked other three option under it. Then hit on “Save”


You are almost done. Sign out from all Google accounts to take effect. Sign- in back to your account again. Click on “Switch account”

google switch account

Click on “Sign in to another account” Then Google lets you to sign in to another account.


After you signed in to another account click on “Switch account”

switch accout in other account

Then you can simply switch account by click on the email address.


Happy Gmail multiple sign in. Also if you have not setup Gmail 2 Step Verification I strongly recommend you to do it.


How to download your Google product Data


As you know Google offers you plenty of things. Yes Google has a right way if you want to download or export your Google product data. It is called Google Takeout. Personally I love its name as its simple and meaningful. You can download your Gmail contacts, Google Buzz posts, Picasa Web photos, Profile data etc in couple clicks. Actually this is good as a backup too since you can import your data if something goes wrong with your Google products data. As an example imagine someone hacked your Picasa web photos and deleted all your pictures.

To download Google product data go to and click on “Create Achieve” button.



It will create a zip file for you. Then you can simply download it.




Note : With Google Takeout you can especially download Google Buzz data as Google is going to retire Google Buzz in few weeks.