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Careful when you choose and use your passwords

Everyday internet grows very fast. Competition gets intense. Internet criminals go up and up. What do you think about your bank passwords? What do you think about your affiliate accounts passwords? Did you think twice before choosing your email password?

People make huge mistakes when they choose a password. They do not take passwords seriously but it is really crucial. They behave as if they have not even heard about hackers. Researches have done some researches on email accounts recently. They have found out lot of people store their critical important information in the email. Therefore why do you take a risk on leaking them in to other’s hand?

Maybe you do not know some people are genius in guessing other’s passwords. Therefore avoid using the following for your password.

1. Birthdays

2. Girl friend’s/ boy friend’s name

3. X Girl friend’s/ x boy friend’s name

4. Favorites (movie, actor/actress etc…)

5. Any important dates

These are common mistakes people do when choosing their passwords. Use them but do not use the exact word of it . If you use these, jumble them with something else.

Be Careful when you use someone else’s computer.

There are so many softwares that can track down your activities especially your typing history. Therefore make sure those softwares have not been installed if you are using someone else’s computer.

If you are logging in to your email account you can use Firefox and do not forget to use “Private Browsing” then there is no way to access your history and passwords in the computer. If you do not know how to use “Private Browsing” you can read my article.

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