Another tip to speed up your computer

speedEveryone wants to speed up their computers. Sometimes even if we have good configurations it takes long time to boot the computer. Actually we can speed up our computer by cleaning the internet cache and the system registry. I have written a review of a free great software and I have shown it how to download it and how to use it here

Today I will give another tip to speed up your computer. When we install software sometimes it adds an programs to the task bar and they are kept standing in the task bar while you work, even though they are not need to run though in the task bar. The bad news is that it takes up computer memory and performance. We can remove the programs from the start up and from the task bar but, make sure that you DO NOT remove critically important programs such as your virus guard.

To do this run “msconfig” (without quotas) in the Run.

Xp run msconfig

Hit on “Start up”

xp system configuration utility

You can see what programs run in the task bar and system start up. Simply untick programs which you want to remove.

unselect programs xp syestem cofiguration utility

Save your changes and it requires a system restart to effect the changes.

restart computer xp syestem cofiguration utility

You are done 🙂

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