An ideal solution for Srilankan online buyers

Using a credit card is less recommended, if you are not good at financial management, since a credit card can destroy you, making you a beggar if you don’t mange it properly. To obtain a credit card you are required to prove your good financial status with the proofs like your salary slips and you should take all the hassle to prove the bank that you have  a fixed good income.

How about a prepaid debit card? Sounds weird ahh ? Yes it does. In SriLanka, Sampath bank has introduced  a prepaid online purchasing card called “Sampath Web Card”. Normally a credit card facilitates you to make purchases on credit whereas this particular card does not put you in debts.

What is the purpose of this web card ?


I know you will definitively ask this question. This cards is only for online use. With this card you can pay online and this can be linked to your papal account as well.

How to use this Sampath Web card ?

It is simple and easy. As soon as you get the web card you can deposit money and top it up. Then you can use that amount to do any online shopping.

I’m using this web card for quite long time. For time being I have not come across any trouble with it.  This is a great solution for SriLankan online buyers.

You can apply for a web card from here.

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