A good way to use proxy on Mozila Firefox

Sometimes we have to bypass servers to visit blocked websites. As an example some countries block social websites. Therefore we can not visit them from original ip address in this case we have to bypass the server which identifies where we come from. Proxy servers help in these situations big time. But practically if go through proxy url websites to visit a blocked website sometimes it does not load some features on the website (if it has flash streaming videos it keeps telling you to install flash player even you have installed it) In this case Foxy proxy which is coming as an add- on on Mozilla Firefox is a great solution for visiting blocked websites in your country. In my opinion when I visit a blocked website Foxyproxy is more stable and handy rather than going through a simple proxy server website. Also I have found out its easy to use and this is a good option if you want to surf anonymously too.

How to use Foxyproxy ?

Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools –> add-ons. Hit on Get Add-on and search Foxyproxy.

As you can see first result is Foxyproxy Standard and second result is Foxyproxy Basic. Foxyproxy Standard has advanced features. But Foxyproxy Basic is fine for us.

Therefore hit on “add to Firefox”


Hit on Install Now


Restart Mozilla Firefox. search for “proxy list” on Google and Pick a free proxy. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools and You will see Foxyproxy Basic is installed. Then hit Options.


Hit on Add New Proxy


copy and paste your free proxy there and hit Ok.

foxyproxy settings

You can see you have added a new proxy. Alright installation is done.

When you want to use the proxy go to tools and Foxyproxy Basic! then hit the proxy you newly added.When Foxyproxy is running you can see there is a fox’s face rotating right bottom corner of the status bar and in Firefox Tools.

You can stop using Foxyproxy by right clicking on the Foxyproxy and hit on completely stop Foxyproxy. (you can do stop it from Firefox Tools too)

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