Gmail notifications from your system tray

We can activate Gmail notifications on Chrome but unfortunately  it does not support  to other browsers. But irrespective of the browser,Gmail Notifier works  with all. After you are  done with Gmail Notifier, it installs an icon to the system tray. Without opening the browser, it shows you a brief of an every email once it is dropped in.

Gmail Notifier has a small issue that it does not work with Google Toolbar owing to its incompatibility with the Google Toolbar.

If you are using Google Talk, it is not needed to install Gmail Notifier as Google Talk already shows you email notifications.

How to install Gmail Notifier ?

Go to Gmail Notifier. Download the software. (Gmail Notifier is available for Mac users too)


Install it.


After the instalation, enter your Gmail user name and the password.


You can see Gmail Notifier Notification from system tray when a new email arives.


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