Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

5 Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

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Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

The travel industry has changed much due to mobile technology: oodles of travel apps have mushroomed the web, promising to make your travel experience memorable.

Whether you need some inspirational things or just need solutions that will be of practical use, you can find a lot of apps that will suit your needs. There are mobile apps that can make your traveling much easier, regardless of whether you’re crossing Sahara Desert on a camel or climbing Everest.

If you lay in necessary apps beforehand, you can do without an Internet access. You’ll be able to avoid exorbitantly high bills and save time. Consider the following apps that can make your traveling memorable.

Airport Transit Guide

You can get this iOS niche application for only $4.99. With Airport Transit Guide you will always know how to get from an airport to the town center no matter where you are. It can be used as an exhaustive travel guide as it contains information about expected prices, taxi services, public transport, and links to the airport’s website.

aMetro (Android)/ MetrO (iOS)

This free application lets you view maps of public transit systems for major cities of the world. Just enter your place of departure and destination, and you’ll see the shortest travel times.

EveryTrail Pro

This GPS-enabled app allows you to map your trip. Just click the button “Start Tracking” as you start going, and the app will start tracking your path on a map. This software will be appreciated by travellers who like to remember their trips in detail.


This free application for iOS and Android is designed for dynamic people who want to squeeze as much fun as they wherever they are. It uses an activity-driven search engine that informs its user about fun things that can be done while driving on the highway or having some free time in your hometown. However, this fun application currently covers the USA.

Lonely Planet

This application is often called “the Bible” on the road and enjoys  a great popularity among independent travelers; It allows you to get info about many destinations of the world. Sights are listed too along with addresses, links to the map, phone numbers, hours, and a detailed text description, just as you would see in the ordinary guidebook. probably, the biggest advantage of Lonely Planet is the offline availability of both the text and maps.

If you are a lucky owner of a smartphone, you can make your travels easier by using handy mobile apps available. Whether you’re spending a family vacation in Thailand or just hitting the road, check out these apps to create a planned, organized, and hassle-free trip.

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