facebook and twitter at office

4 Tips for using Social Networking Sites in the workplace

facebook and twitter at office

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Nowadays, we hear lots of stories like – an employee fired for badmouthing his boss on Twitter or a teacher suspended for badmouthing her principal on Facebook or an employee terminated for deprecation of his company’s brand on Twitter. There are so many things that can go wrong with Social media and workplace. So it’s better to read your company’s policy book thoroughly and attentively before being involved with any social media sites or doing things online which may be found offensive by your employer.

Following are some Tips to keep in your mind for safely using social networking sites while working.

01. Thoroughly read your company’s employee policies and use of internet

Internet is widely used in companies or offices for work. And you can get lots of information related to any topics from the net; either it is of job vacancies or using social media sites. In these situations, every company has set some rules and policies regarding the use of internet especially the social media usage. There are specific employee policies regarding internet that every employee have to follow. So it’s necessary to read all the instructions related to the “use of internet” policies of your company.

02. Keep your Personal Networking sites completely personal

Be Practical. Don’t inter-mix your personal and professional life. Although it is quite hard to forget your work even for some time and being only in your personal life; as you are spending so much time in your work place with the same people daily. But it’s important to draw a line between your professional and personal life to save you from all sides. Social media sites are very public now and don’t discuss work and co-workers related issues there.

03. Think again before adding your co-workers in your friend list

Try to keep your social media sites personal. Although it depends on your company and comfort with your co-workers but do not get too much involved with your co-workers in social media sites. Even you should be very careful of being connected with your co-workers on social community sites. As sometimes you share some inappropriate thing which might create problems in your professional life.

04. Use discretion while using social networking tool in your office

Social Networking sites are even more popular within your work place for work related issues. For example, some social media tools are specially designed for office use only like Yammer (very similar to Twitter). Don’t be so informal and relaxed while using your office social networking tool. Be tactful and don’t post anything personal there.

In the nut shell, Social media is growing very popular in the workplace and you have to use your common sense to guide your decisions in the right way to keep your personal and professional life safe and sound.

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