wordpress and blogger

4 Essential gadgets for Bloggers

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wordpress and blogger

Bloggers make use of gadgets to complete their work easily and quickly. They need specific devices that can aid in their blogging activities, more so because most professionals in this niche manage several blogs at once.

If a blog has to attract traffic, it requires interesting, useful and valuable content; it also needs to stay active and updated at all times. And a blogger ought to get hold of tools that help him achieve this end.

There are umpteen gadgets and widgets in the market to support blogger’s jobs. The wise blogger would choose those that best fit his requirements.

Here is a look at 4 of essential gadgets that could take place of pride in a blogger’s kitty:

Laptops or Netbooks

A blogger will need to type out content, edit it, embellish it and finally upload it on to a blog. He is also likely to want to check his blogs often and stay up-to-date. A blog professional might wish to look into the blog comments and answer or tackle them as required or want to check his mails regularly, where blog alerts can reach him. For coping with all the above activities, it would be a great idea to procure a trusted laptop or a Netbook and have it handy at all times. A light weight one could be a more sensible choice because it is more comfortable to lug around.


Today’s smartphones can safely be referred to as mini computers. Pretty much everything that can be accomplished using computers and much more in fact, is possible using a palm sized iPhone or Android phone or similar smartphones. These phones can become impressive blogging tools, especially with all the available blogging apps which can be downloaded to augment their native capabilities and features.

Blogging professionals who need to stay tuned to their blogs 24/7 find smartphone mobiles a veritable boon as it affords them the power to track their blog activity on the go. Bloggers who are comfortable doing long hours of editing with the comparatively smaller screens and keyboards of their smartphones are known to even substitute them in place of laptops! Naturally smartphone devices are considered a must-have in most bloggers’ gadget boxes.

External hard drive

People might wonder why a hard drive should feature in a blogger’s gadget list. The answer is simple. Blogging specialists, particularly those who juggle several blogs under a variety of topics and categories, are apt to be dealing with loads of information. To store information, memory space is required and an easily portable, external hard drive would fit this requirement to a nicety.

Digital Camera

A picture speaks a thousand words and any blogger worth his salt would sooner or later want to have photos on his blogs to lend substance to his thoughts and ideas. A professional digital camera is a gadget that can give wings to his imagination.

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