4 ways VoIP can Boost Call Center Capabilities

Phone systems are essential to the success of a call center. Most call centers can no doubt benefit from VoIP phone systems. There are an increasing number of virtual call centers on the rise today and many more being created. Virtual call centers are call centers that hire workers to work from a remote location or mostly from their home to answer calls.

The importance of having a reliable and functional virtual phone system or VoIP is crucial to the success of any virtual call center. Virtual call centers provide much more flexibility for call centers to operate and it saves a great deal of money. VoIP phone systems are popular among call center phone systems.

Here are 4 ways VoIP Systems Benefit Call Center Facilities

Customer Service

Customer service is imperative for any call center, in particularly, a virtual one. Consequently, improving customer service should always be one of the most important issues with any call center. VoIP services improve customer service by reducing the number of missed calls. Thus, customer satisfaction is greatly improved. Customer service is the basis or foundation of a call center whether it is virtual or onsite.


Call centers can eliminate the use of buying and using extra phones when using a VoIP service. The way VoIP works is that calls are transmitted through the internet from the VoIP service, which allows more calls to be distributed among the remote workers. Calls are answered in a shorter time, so calls are being handled efficiently.

The time it takes to answer a call or be on a call is reduced also due to the functionality of the VoIP system. This prevents customers from being on hold longer than they want to. This creates greater productivity among your workers. Calls can also be recorded which is a huge advantage for VoIP phone systems for call centers.


The money saved is huge when call centers use VoIP services. It’s much cheaper to use VoIP service than to hire a ton of workers to at an onsite location. The business not only saves money with equipment and other expenses related to hiring onsite workers, but the business saves money using a VoIP service instead of landline phones.

A landline requires massive installation, wires, and many landline phones for each worker to use. The VoIP system eliminates the need for all of this equipment because everything is done over the internet when calls are routed. The call center can also save money on international calls.  VoIP services provide cheap international rates than most landline phone services.

Additional advantages

The software provided by VoIP for call centers integrate the phone service and data. The use of VoIP makes this integration much easier since the traditional landline system makes this integration of phone services and data very complex and complicated. Another popular feature for VoIP call center software is what is called an open system. Traditional systems do not have access to this open system. This open system allows services such as video and multimedia connections.

Call centers, especially those that are virtual in nature, definitely can benefit from the use of VoIP services. VoIP can help improve customer service and customer satisfaction, productivity, and cost for the call center facility.

Author Bio : Stella Wilson contributes about business communication systems that act as a skeleton in modern enterprise communications.


How To Transition Your Business To Cloud Based Solution

This is a guest post by Stella Wilson. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


One of the best things you can do for your growing company is to change your current business phone systems to a Cloud system. This will save you money, give you more features and options for your communications and allow for easier remote working. Changing to the new system is not that hard and should not cost you a lot of money.

Determine Your Needs

With Cloud based phone systems, the important part is having enough bandwidth and computer power to handle your needs. If you are going to use a hosted service, you will not have to worry too much about the server for your system. You will need to pay a monthly free for a company to keep track of all your communications, but you will not have to buy and maintain the system. How much you need will depend on how many employees you have and how much they all use the phone at the same time. If you are going to be using the storage facilities and allowing your people to get into archived projects or call records, you will need to make sure all this is noted on your service agreement.

Choose Between Owning the System and Having it Hosted

If you have a large business, you may benefit from having your own server and system. You may already have the personnel to run and maintain the server. You current network may be enough to take care of the system without the need for new computers.  A smaller business will be better off by using a host company.  Buying all the equipment and maintaining it can be expensive. Both large and small companies would benefit with a host if something goes wrong with the system. A host company will have back-ups of any and all data that you put in your Cloud and they will have a back-up system to keep your communications up and running without having down time.

Decide on Phone Equipment

When you have the Cloud and the Internet for your communication system, you have a variety of options for your phone equipment. If you like, you can keep the old corded phones. Each phone will need to be plugged into either a computer or a modem. You can also purchase corded phones for use with a computer – it has a USB plug instead of an Ethernet type end. Of course, you may also choose to go wireless. The phones can be wireless, the headsets can be wireless or both. You may even opt to use a wireless headset similar to a mobile phone. Wireless will give your employees more mobility around the office without missing a phone call.

Changing to the Cloud for all your communication needs is a good move. The features and options available will only increase your productivity. It will also save you from having to worry about unusually high phone bills. You choose the package you need and your bill will be the same every month, regardless of how much you use the system or where you are calling. The cloud offers more than just communication capabilities. You and your employees can work on the system, keeping every document up-to-date at all times.  Different teams can work on a single document all at the same time no matter where they are accessing it from. Employees can work from home on days they have something keeping them from making it into the office. You can use it for meetings or conferences with customers as well. The more business you do, the more you will realize you need to be in the Cloud. The more you use the Cloud, the more business you will have.

Author Bio : Stella Wilson contributes about business communication systems that act as a skeleton in modern enterprise communications.


Steps in Cleaning Your PC of Junk

This is a guest post by Lindsey Mcmahon. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Unfortunately, junk happens. Specifically, it happens to build up on computers over time. This is bad. Junk can slow down your computer and make it generally unpleasant to use and ineffective at doing computer type things. Junk comes in many different forms,, and so there are many different approaches to removing it.

Empty Your Recycling Bin of Junk

One thing that people forget to do enough, is empty their recycling bin on their computer. This is important, because if you just choose a file and click “delete,” it often won’t actually free up any space on your hard drive, because it will go to the bin instead. And simply sending files to the bin doesn’t actually solve anything. If you don’t remove junk files that you don’t need regularly enough, it will fill up your hard drive and it could have the following negative effects.

  • Slow down your computer
  • Make your computer run less efficiently
  • Make it harder to find files you do need.

Use Junk Removal Programs

An example of programs that remove junk, are the ones that are called PC optimizers. An example is Ccleaner. This program has various different functions. For example, you can have it automatically clean the cache and cookies in every single browser on your computer all at the same time, with just a click. This junk data has a tendency to clutter up browsers and cause them ro tun slower. PC optimization programs can also clean your registry as well. Doing this manually is definitely not something amateurs should try, so getting a program to fix the problem for you is useful. Most of these programs are free, and there are many others besides Ccleaner.

Use Anti-malware Programs

The difference between malware and viruses is mostly semantic, but there are many different programs that can remove junk files and software off your computer if they are cause you trouble. For example, if you constantly get popups that advertise about something like antivirus, it means you probably have some sort of malware on your computer. Your computer won’t generally just tell you it has malware, you have to notice this for yourself. And unwanted popups in the form of Internet Explorer windows are a trick many extortion schemes use to make you buy software that will likely only make your computer worse.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by getting some real software such as from Norton Online or Malwarebytes. These programs are experts on removing ridiculous junk from your computer so that it will run more smoothly without any annoying interruptions like popup windows. In point of fact, it’s a good idea to get antivirus software running on your computer as quickly as possible, since if you leave it unprotected, the problems could compound pretty quickly and leave your computer unusable in a hurry.

It can be irritating to get around to junk removal duty every week or so, but you’ll be happy you set something up in the long run when your computer isn’t taking 20 minutes to load because of a screen full of useless popups.

Author Bio Lindsey Mcmahon likes to travel, play and read in her free time. Her interests are entertainment, television and tech, but she is constantly extending her field of view to incorporate interesting news suggested to her by her readers.


Two smart apps to scan barcodes on your Android device

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Nowadays we see numerous types of barcode readers at the shops. It has become a necessity and most widely used device. The Smartphone industry, especially the Android manufacturers has embedded remarkable applications that provide more value and do various tasks that one can’t imagine performing with Smart phone.

You would be surprised to know that barcode scanner application is now available, which uses the Smartphone camera to reveal information stored on the product’s barcode. So you won’t have to carry products to cash counter, and instead get answers to all inquiries with your Android phone.

Two of the most intelligent applications that provide excellent shopping experience will be discussed here.



-Functionality of this application is similar to traditional barcode scanner. You can easily view the prices by scanning the products with the Android device. Good thing about it is that it also beeps, which gives you the feeling of a top-notch barcode reader. Moreover, there are many innovative attributes that conventional bar code scanner do not offer.

-The users have the facility to conveniently purchase items from the online E-commerce sites. You will have the latest prices from the major retailers thus enabling users to make wise decision.

-The users can save money as they can take advantage of rebates, coupons and other promotional offers. You can easily search for the best retailers and stores in your neighborhood. Most compelling feature is the complete information of prices. So the customers can compare prices of leading stores and pick the product that meets your budget.

-Online shopping is easy and order can be placed directly on the website of merchant.

-You can customize and add information whereas the home-screen of this application also features a search box, thus facilitating the customers to use their specific keywords.

-No need to worry about currency as it supports USD, Sterling Pounds, Euro and many others.



-Your Android device can perform functionalities of other products as well. This is another intelligent application that transforms the built-in camera into bar-code scanner.

-Just hold the Smartphone over the bar code imprinted on the product and all detail would appear on the Android device.

-Compare prices of different stores and take advantage of the best deal. So you have complete knowledge of the product’s average price.

-Wide range of 2D barcodes can be easily scanned with this intelligent application including EZcode, Data matrix etc. So shop with confidence and spend money wisely.

-This application not only gives you the price of the product, but also brings out other valuable information like ingredients, nutritional value. So the product can be easily purchased with few clicks.

-Users have complete information of prices from the major online stores Best Buy, Amazon etc. It extracts prices from more than 30 retailers as well as the prices of nearby stores can be searched conveniently.

-Moreover, the valuable information that you have gathered can be easily shared with your friends by creating QR code. Spread the scanned information through social sites (Twitter, Facebook).

Author Bio : Steven Bryant, marketing manager at www.tape4backup.com, writes about all types of technologies from disk solutions to the industry leading in tapes.


Essential plugins for your WordPress blog

This is a guest post by Linda Waters. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Blogging is now becoming synonymous to WordPress. This is a free platform with options to add both free and paid plugins to customize the website to have an ever increasing number of users. There are obviously thousands of WordPress plugins available, but there are some which serve as vital ones to sustain a WordPress site.

All in One SEO Pack

No doubt that All in One SEO Pack is the best plug-in out there for efficient advancement of your WordPress sites and blogs on search engines. It is great for both beginners (plug-in is very easy to use intuitively) and pros who can tune all the features they want. This tool was updated recently; this update includes new interface and new features, for example, the ability to control social media activity of your website.


WordPress SEO

SEO is something that keeps a blog or website running, it’s like oxygen for live organisms. To have the best SEO services available for any WordPress site, you can install WordPress SEO that could be named ‘the only choice’ with excellent track records and outcomes.


Google Analytics Dashboard

It is really important for the admins to know how much of the traffic they are hitting with the way they have set their blog or website. This plug-in, the Google Analytics Dashboard, does the exact thing to the admin(s) by letting them know about the traffic to adjust the situation.


Login Lockdown

Many WordPress blogs and sites often have a multiple number of bloggers, writers and editors working on it. Sometimes the login information gets leaked and dubious people become able to login. This particular plug-in, the Login Lockdown, does pretty much what the name suggests and protects the login details by conforming them only for verified users.


Admin Menu Editor

This is one cool plug-in that allows the WordPress developers to work and customize the home screen according to the needs of that particular client depending on their working pattern and areas of interest. It allows you to optimize the homepage for your own and make it simple to work with it.


Better Internal Link Search

This plug-in enhances the capabilities of the default WordPress search options by enabling it to actually search through all the contents, not only the titles.


Gravity Form

This plug-in requires a developer’s license to be obtained to use it, which will cost money. Still, it is well worth it since it provides you with the best WordPress forms for nothing but the best site.


Simple WordPress Backup

Anything and everything with a chance of getting crushed anytime should have a backup. This plug-in keeps each and everything uploaded and shared on WordPress backed up, so if there occurs anything that makes the site go down or even closed, all the data and items will be there to retrieve.



This is one plug-in that works to enhance the overall experience with the site and keeps things going on nicely for the admin(s).


Dynamic Widget

Last but so not the least, this plug-in allows admin(s) to customize the sidebar display according to their preferences to create that unique blog for a massive turnover and traffic!


Author Bio : Linda Waters is a Blogger, marketing executive at mspy.fr. Focuses on blogging about mobile technologies and cell phone tracking apps.


The Best Out Of Your Gmail With Simple Tweaks

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Gmail is a worldwide mail service, and the most favorite service of the users, globally. There are however, features that users do not use to their fullest. We’re going to discuss about few of the simple features that will be helpful to both novice users and the experts, to utilize this service in a better manner.

Read on to have know-how about the simple tweaks, to have an improved experience of using Gmail, next time.

Fetching mails have been made too easy:

Eventually, you may have a stack of hundreds of mails in your mailbox. It could be difficult to fetch a long lost mail from such a huge lot of mails. So, Google has come up with an easy search parameter viz. parameter: message size. For example, if you remember a mail that has attachment of 15 MB, but older than 4 months, then you can type as—size:15m older_than:4m (“older_than” is a modifier), to fetch it or narrowing down your search.

However, if you want to list out the e-mails that have attachments bigger than 15 MB, then type—size:15m.

Working offline has been made more convenient:

Situation may arise that you do not have any internet connection or internet connection would be too slow to allow you to work properly. In such a scenario, you can get your ‘Gmail Offline’ downloaded and installed in your system, so that you can carry out all the activities that you would have done in an online Gmail account—right from composing mails, reading mails, archiving mails to searching mails. The only thing you cannot do is to send the composed mails, all you need to do is syncing them, so that next time you’re online, the mails will be sent automatically.

Do remember that ‘Gmail Offline’ requires Google Chrome browser.

Cluttered thread is not a problem anymore!

The longer the thread of e-mail is, the more difficult it is to follow the e-mail. Whenever, you click on the ‘Reply’ button to reply to a sender, it will show the entire conversation in the body of the mail, which could be annoying. This problem can be avoided, if you select the part of the conversation that you want to reply to, and then hit the ‘Reply’ button.

By doing this, you will have the selected text in the body of the e-mail and the mess will be reduced to a great extent.

Disable the conversation view:

Certain users are comfortable with the spread out view of their e-mails, to have a better view while navigating through the mailbox, which means that they do not need the entire thread of their conversation.

To opt for the spread out view, you need to go to the ‘settings’ of your Gmail account and choose “Conversation view off”.

These are few of the simple tweaks that let you have an easy navigation through your Gmail mailbox.

Author Bio : This guest post is contributed by Robert at Mytechgurus. Get good Tips and tricks for resolving technical issues with computers and for computer repair.


Mobile Apps and future of banking

This is a guest post by Nand Kishore. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Banking has witnessed immense change in the last few decades. From banking physically through  branches to online banking to now banking via smartphone apps; managing your money or doing financial transactions has gone for a complete transformation. The proliferation of mobile devices and apps and the groundswell of demand from consumers to offer banking services on their devices led to the introduction of mobile banking. Today every bank is considering launching its exclusive mobile app wherein its customers can get access to products and services. Moreover, banks and financial institutions see major benefits arising out of providing services via mobile apps. Mobile apps are no more an alternate medium to reach customers, provide services but have become central to the entire strategy.

What’s driving the growth?

Several factors are at play behind the surge in the demand for mobile banking. First is ubiquity of smartphones and Tablets. These devices have become powerful allowing people not only to remain connected round-the-clock but also to help them perform complex tasks. Consumers are increasingly finding it easy, convenient and secure to transact through their mobile. Bandwidth latency and speed has improved manifolds allowing people to do banking from anywhere and anytime. And banks have started realizing the economic impact of integrating mobile apps into their ecosystem. Higher ROI, increased productivity, and better customer services etc., are driving banks to adopt mobile apps.

How banks are using mobile apps?

  • Payments – Banks are providing payment services via mobile apps that can allow customers to pay bills using the app.
  • Deposits Checks – Customers can now scan the checks or pay orders using functionality available in their mobile device and app and deposit it to banks for quicker realization.
  • ATM, Branch locators – Mobile apps are fast becoming a popular tools to locate ATMs and branches of banks. The apps can guide customers to nearby ATMs/branches in any location with maps.
  • Other Services – Some banks have also started providing other services like facility to open fixed deposits, buy insurance, and investments etc., through their mobile app.

What’s in the future?

Banking via a mobile phone started with simple services like SMS alerts, customer services etc. The introduction of apps in the banking sphere has taken it to the next level. However, it is just the beginning. As mobile technology further makes progress, there are many possibilities which are in the offing. In future, we can see interaction between mobile devices and ATMs through Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions. The customer can connect with the ATM and perform desired transactions through his mobile. Similarly, services like mobile wallet (m-wallet) will also go popular allowing people to make payments anywhere using the mobile. The impact of mobile apps on banking will not only be felt on the consumer side but also within the banks. We will see more usage of apps in performing line-of-business activities. The banking staff will be armed with mobile devices loaded with tons of data which will enable them to perform their tasks efficiently and speedily.

The mobile apps are expected to do a lot in the future. It will be interesting to watch how banks tap the opportunities available to make themselves agile, innovative and responsive.

Author Bio: Besides being a tech publisher, Nand Kishore is also interested in photography and lover of all things electronic. He works for [x] cube LABS a complete mobility solutions company.


How Cloud Based Telephone Communications Work ?

This is a guest post by Stella Wilson. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Making long distance calls could cost you a lot. If you run a small business that deals a lot with customers over the phone. Many businesses now use cold calling techniques to acquire more customers, and with a traditional phone line, this technique will cost them a slum sum of money. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, now it is totally possible for save on your telecommunications costs and improve your business efficiency. We are talking about a technology called Voice Over IP (VoIP).

Today, thanks to this advanced technology, people don’t have to pay a hefty amount of money for their long-distance phone calls. With VoIP, you could save a maximum of 50 percent on your usual monthly phone bills. Many Fortune 500 companies have already utilized this advanced technology to cut costs and increase their business productivity.

VoIP technology will transform analogue audio signals into digital data and transmit them over the Internet. With this technology, you can bypass traditional phone companies and save a ton of money on your telephone charges. Instead of having to rely on your telephony provider to make calls locally and internationally, you just have to make sure your Internet connection is good before making a call.

You can just be located anywhere to have access to your VoIP telephone system. This means a lot to businesses. They don’t need to be located in the US to get a US-based phone number. Plus, they have the option to get as many US numbers as they desire. This way, they can set up a virtual office in the US and get a US telephone number without having to actually move their physical office to the country.

With VoIP technology, you can make and receive calls wherever you are, provided there is an Internet connection available. Mobility is one of the most prominent features of VoIP technology. You will only need a good pair of headphones with a microphone, and maybe a good sound card to start using VoIP right away. The hardware and software cost is minimal, compared to that of a traditional phone system.

If your business is still using an analog phone line and your monthly phone bills have inflated to a hefty amount, it is time to try a corporate phone system. You will be amazed at how much you could save with this break-through telecommunications technology.

 Author Bio: Stella has been writing freelance for over 3 years. She is passionate about technology and like writing interesting articles about telephone systems and telephone systems.


Top 10 phones in 2012

This is a guest post by Linda Waters. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

Every year the cell phone market is flooded with phones which are more sophisticated than their predecessors. In 2012, all the cell phone manufacturing giants like Apple, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia and Samsung competed with each other to produce something unique. There are several factors that count when you judge a cell phone. These factors include memory, display, navigation, resolution, apps and ease of usage etc. Having analyzed the main novelties I suggest the list of top 10 phones of the year 2012:

iphone5iPhone 5

Apple has come up with a cell phone which is your work station, entertains you and connects to the outer world with social media integration like never before. It’s thinner, lighter and longer than iPhone 4S. Some people think it’s the same iPhone but a little more expensive – it is actually not the case. You need to check this out to understand that Apple has reengineered the iPhone altogether. The screen is 4 inches long with the headphone slot at the bottom. Unlike iPhone 4S it takes nano SIM card instead of micro SIM. It’s a must-have cell phone.



Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III received an unprecedented anticipation after iPhone. The smartphone has an extraordinary elegant design which is sleek and stylish. It has a huge screen of 4.8 inches, easy navigation and the memory of the phone can be increased up to 64 GB. Also it comes with a pre-installed drop box which gives you extra storage capacity.


nokia-lumia-820Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia launched Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows 8. The phone is better than its big brother in terms of memory, processor, volume etc. It’s a perfect virtual work station with Qualcomm processor and memory that can be expanded up to 64 GB.





Sony Ericsson XperiaT

Sony Xperia T is a nifty smartphone that has been featured in Bond film Skyfall. The phone has a scratch resistant glass that gives a long-lasting protection. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, easy navigation, 16 GB inbuilt memory with a1.5GHz Qualcomm Krait dual-core processor.




LG Optimus G

The best thing about this smartphone is its simplicity. It has 32GB memory with 13 MP camera. It’s a pretty stylish phone with large display and HD resolution.





galaxy not 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The smartphone has an elegant design with a massive screen which dwarfs every other phone in comparison. It has 8 megapixel camera with LED flash.





HTC One X+

HTC One X+

It comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The picture quality of HTC One X+ is simply amazing. It comes with 4.7-inch Super LCD 2. It has an expandable memory with great navigation ease.

Google Nexus 4 by LG


Google Nexus 4 by LG

The smartphone comes with an amazing Android 4.2 with 1.5 GHz Quad-Core fast processor, 16 GB memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a large display.






HTC Droid DNA is popular for its incredible display and resolution. Other features include Google Android OS 4.1, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 16 GB internal memory etc.



BlackBerry Curve 9370

BlackBerry Curve 9370

It is really light and compact with great battery life. It’s user-friendly and affordable compared to other smartphones available in the market.




Author Bio : Linda Waters  is a Blogger, marketing executive at mSpy and mobile technologies adorer. Works at cell phone tracking industry in order to make the life of parents easier. 

wifi, theif

How to stay safe while using WiFi Hotspots?

This is a guest post by Satinder Singh. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.

wifi, theif

Utilizing WiFi hotspots such as those in airports, hotels, coffee shops, and libraries leaves users vulnerable to many online threats such as hacjking, identity theft and malware attacks. Most of the WiFi providers minimize login requirements and other issues in order to offer easy and prompt connectivity to those wanting to use the hotspot. This decreases the security level and makes users easy prey for snoopers, hackers,  and other threats. According to research, WiFi-enabled places are favorite spots for snoopers and hackers. It is easy for them to connect to the open network and hack into the other devices in search of personal information. Therefore, security has become a major concern for users who connect to the internet using WiFi networks.  Below are a few tips to secure your device while using the internet at WiFi hotspots.

Avoid using an Automatic Connection to WiFi Hotspots: Always make sure that “connect automatically” is deactivated on your device. The automatic connection can endanger your privacy as it can connect your device to public networks which may be malicious and can steal your sensitive information.

Connect to trusted network only: Always confirm the network name before establishing a connection. Sometimes hackers use false networks to hack devices so always confirm the official network of the hotspot in question.

Disable File Sharing: It is always recommended to turn off the file sharing feature of your device when you are using a WiFi hotspot. Unless you turn off this setting, anyone sitting near to you can access your files and folders.

Encrypt your Data: Usually websites transfer data to and from your device in plain text which is easy to hack or read – thus you are at high risk. To overcome this situation, always use HTTPS technology to encrypt transferred data. Encrypted data is always safe because it is practically impossible to read and hack.

Use VPN: Browsing the internet on public networks using Virtual Private Network technology is the most effective method to staying protected from all kinds of internet threats. VPN establishes a tunnel over your traffic that not only encrypts your data but also keeps you safe from incoming unencrypted data.  Moreover, it acts as an IP hiding software that masks your real IP address allowing to you remain anonymous and safe from prying eyes.

The tips mentioned above are highly effective in keeping you safe at WiFi hotspots and will let you take advantage of being able to stayed connected at all times. Each of these tips can assist in offering you security, but the one that will have the most impact is a VPN.  It is easy to download and can be done at no cost or by payinga few buckss. Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the most advanced, reliable, and most reliable VPNs on the global market. The VPN is also widely appreciated for its seamless performance and easy installation.

Some of the outstanding features of Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  • Supreme Security: Hotspot Shield VPN offers a high level of security against all kinds of internet threats
  • Anonymous Browsing: The software enables you to surf the internet with complete anonymity as it hides your real IP address
  • Flawless performance: Hotspot Shield VPN stands out from other VPNs in terms of performance as it runs without errors
  • Access blocked websites: The user can unblock YouTube, Facebook, or other websites if these sites are blocked on the network on which you’re surfing
  • User friendly: Hotspot Shield VPN is famous for its user friendly features
  • Maximum Bandwidth:  You can enjoy super fast browsing because Hotspot Shield VPN offers maximum bandwidth on wireless as well as wired network
  • Reasonable prices: Paid version of Hotspot Shield VPN is available for a very low price

Author Bio : Satinder Singh  is an Inbound Marketing Analyst at Click Labs, writing for Hotspot Shield, the leading Free VPN service provider. He has shared over 40+ articles pertaining to internet security, online privacy and internet freedom on different technology blogs.

Smart TVs Introduce Ease to Convenience

This is a guest post by Lindsey Mcmahon. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Television over the last couple of decades has cemented themselves as a home fixture drawing families around the tube every evening to catch up on news, sitcoms, and the latest sports event. The technology has been advancing to improve the audience’s experience by adding more channels, higher resolution, bigger screens. Now, though, television companies have taken it a step further by incorporating another growing aspect in people’s lives- the internet. Mobile phones have incorporated the internet and they have become smart, so have the televisions become smart now.

Internet companies have been vying for the attention of consumers, and succeeding, by introducing new and exciting features to various websites, and social media. Nowadays, a majority of people are connected one way or the other over the internet, either by Facebook, or email. Television designers have tapped into this market by allowing online services to be accessed through their televisions.

With smart TVs the audience are not limited by what to watch because of what is being broadcasted at the time. They can now access sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to tap into their ever-expanding collection of shows and movies. Because the television is connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or Ethernet, these sites can now stream seamlessly through the television offering the same comfort and ease a DVD would provide.  The huge rise in internet television has give a huge blow to cable companies because they cannot contend with the cheap subscriptions of Netflix, et al.

Smart TVs have also allowed for people to connect with social media on a split screen to whatever they are watching. Comments can be made about the last play, or what outfit so-and-so is wearing. This allows the audience the comfort of never having to leave the couch or interrupt what they are watching to post online. VoIP services, like Skype, are available as an app on the smart tvs so video communication can happen in a big screen format. Crowds can now be brought in to the screen for huge reunions without having to cram around a laptop’s webcam.

There are many other apps that are available for smart TVs. Some are built-in and some can be downloaded. With each smart TV there is a separate menu, like a desktop, where the apps available can be scrolled through and selected by remote. If one has an external keyboard, too, that widens the possibilities of a smart TV. People can surf the web from their couch and take care of all the business, like shopping and finance, while watching the season premiere of their favorite show.

If you are thinking about getting a smart TV, make sure you know what your internet provider is offering you in terms of data. Streaming videos, and surfing the web, to excess can cause slower speeds towards the end of the month so you might want to consider getting an upgrade in terms of service to keep your internet running smoothly and keep you up to date with the latest in television and internet trends.

Author Bio : Lindsey Mcmahon is a part-time guest-blogger and a full-time private tour organizer. She currently works for GetDirectTV.org, which is a marketplace for quality developers and companies.

keyboard phone mouse

How to Choose the Best VoIP Service Option for Your Business

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keyboard phone mouse

When you have decided to choose the IP based phone system for your office, you will love the options you have to go with it. You can make your office phone easy to take care of, manage and keep everything all together in one easy to access place. This makes it a great choice for any small business. Choosing your service options can be a bit overwhelming. There are many to choose from. Take a look at a few of these to see just what you can get out of your phone system and how to choose the right options to fit your business.

Save Money

Business telephone systems can cost a fortune to have them installed and set up. Then every month your bills change. That is not true with this type of office system. You can rest easy that you will be saving money each month on a consistent phone bill. This is one of the great features of the IP systems. You can easily budget because you know what the bill will be each month. No more costly updates on your phones either.

Cloud Hosting

This helps you to have a large phone system without having to have all the equipment onsite. By using cloud hosting you can have all the numbers and extensions you need without bulky equipment hanging around. This means the internet hosts your information and keeps it safe and sound for you. Do you need to add a new employee? Not a problem with this hosting type. You can update your equipment, send calls where you need them and manage your system all with an easy to use online system. This helps you reduce the amount of equipment on site.


One of the great features to this system is the ability to take your calls wherever you go. If you are starting out with your business and you need to leave the office, you might miss a few calls. Sometimes people do not leave messages and other times they may get lost in the system. With this phone system you can take your calls with you wherever you need to go. You do not need to worry about missed calls again with this hosting system.

Update Easily

Another great feature to this system is the ability to update your system without having to have a technician come out each time. When you use a typical phone system it can require a technician to come out and add extensions or update the phone equipment. By using IP systems you can do this easily online without having to wait or schedule an appointment. This also means you will have the most updated equipment at all times.

Be sure to check the different options out when installing your new phone system. There are so many wonderful benefits to this system. You can choose the ones that fit your office needs and have them up and running in no time! Discover why so many small businesses just like yours are transferring to this type of system.

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The best applications for GPS navigation

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In the modern day, cell phone navigation is becoming even more integrated and thereby even more important. On some of the higher range smartphones you have the ability to navigate as comprehensively as if you had bought a dedicated GPS device. The great thing is that you’re not limited to a certain phone if you want excellent navigation- most of the best tools tend to be apps that you can download to your smartphone- giving you a little bit more freedom in choosing your phone; although with some apps it may come down to Android vs. iOS. But then again, doesn’t it always?) So I’ve made a list of what I believe to be the 3 best GPRS navigation apps for you to consider.

NavFree, It’s all in the name – It’s a Navigation application, and it’s free (Believe me, the website makes it very clear just how free it is!) NavFree boasts turn-by-turn navigation as well as on-board storage of maps so that you don’t have to have a data connection to be able to navigate. It’s an excellent app with support in 34 countries (Constantly growing too) Everything is free from downloading and storage to updating and of course, usage. As far as free solutions go, you’re hard-pressed to find anything better than NavFree; and the best thing about it is it’s available across platforms, so whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll be able to download and use it.



The second strong recommendation is Sygic – another excellent navigation tool, with COMPREHENSIVE offline map support (They boast that their maps are just as in-depth as Tom-Tom maps, strong claim but they back it up). It’s also available of iPhone and Android (It used to be available on the Nokia Ovi store, but there doesn’t seem to be compatibility for current flagship Nokias) The catch? Unfortunately its not as ‘Free’ as NavFree. You can download a trial for free but you eventually have to purchase the application outright in order to have full features. Having said that, it is worth every cent, a premium GPS app with excellent offline compatibility.



The Final recommendation is Waze- Although Waze is a little different from the other two. It’s a bit of a navigation app- and a social network if that makes sense. It offers navigational features as you’d expect, but it’s a community driven application and therein lays its strength. Drivers are constantly on the application updating other drivers of traffic on certain routes, roadblocks, even gas prices! So you just need to keep tabs of what your community members are saying and use that to your advantage to make your route as convenient and stress free as possible. Its definitely a unique feature and makes it a more friendly and fun alternative.



All in all, you’re in safe hands whether you turn to the paid apps or the free apps- navigation is following the trends of most smartphone apps. Smartphones and the apps available are becoming a lot more advanced, I mean, just the other day I came across an anti-theft app called mSpy- a piece of software that is able to track your phone if its stolen and help you retrieve it! The smartphone world is an increasingly advanced one, but I’m grateful for all of these advancements because they will help your life (And navigation) become a lot easier to live in the long run.

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CES2012 – The Future of Smart TV

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Long-gone are the days of simple TVs that only received 3 local channels. TV has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s. Today’s TVs are bigger and better than ever. The most recent trend for television is not about what you see on the screen at all. Rather, it is all about what your TV can do for you. These new “smart” TVs, have many features that anyone would love to have in their home. Soon, you may wonder: are you smarter than your TV, or is your TV smarter than you?

The new smart TV can accomplish much more than previous TV models. At CES2012, the capabilities of the next generation of TV were unveiled to the delight and astonishment of visitors. The least unexpected new trend for TVs is Internet connectivity. The new generation of TV can connect to the Internet and allows users to access their favorite Internet sites directly from the TV screen using the remote.

Another new trend for television is the built-in hard drive. This hard drive will manage everything about your TV in one compact device, or in the TV itself. The hard drive will hold everything that you have a separate system for currently, including game consoles, videos, music collections, satellite and cable boxes, recording equipment, and much more. The TV will become a one-stop media center for all the technology inside the home. This will eliminate much of the electronic clutter that modern homes have today, which is a side benefit that customers will appreciate.

The 3D trend continues in the world of new TVs, but this time, you won’t have to purchase expensive glasses to experience the increased depth. TV manufacturers are working on ways to bring 3D television to life without the use of glasses. Some gaming systems already use a version of this technology for 3D games, so glasses-less 3D TV is just around the corner.

Instant weather and news updates is another key feature of smart TVs. Because the TVs are connected to the Internet, live news and weather streams can come directly to your TV at any time of day or night. This eliminates the need for watching the nightly news or weather channel, as you will be instantly alerted to any top news stories or weather changes in your area.

Right now, some cable and satellite providers enable users to transfer video from room to room. Smart TVs will allow this transfer of data without cable or satellite service. This will enable families to share programs and games instantaneously from room to room without extra equipment or programs.

Within the next few years, the world of television will change drastically. No longer will TVs be static screens sharing information, but they will transform into active technology centers that provide real benefit to the user’s daily life. As these new trends become mainstream, the future of TV will march on, bringing more exciting changes to the TV watching experience.

Author Bio: Lindsey Mcmahon, is a part-time guest-blogger and a full-time private tour organizer. She currently works for Get Me Digital.

Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

5 Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

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Mobile Apps to Make Your Travel Experience Memorable

The travel industry has changed much due to mobile technology: oodles of travel apps have mushroomed the web, promising to make your travel experience memorable.

Whether you need some inspirational things or just need solutions that will be of practical use, you can find a lot of apps that will suit your needs. There are mobile apps that can make your traveling much easier, regardless of whether you’re crossing Sahara Desert on a camel or climbing Everest.

If you lay in necessary apps beforehand, you can do without an Internet access. You’ll be able to avoid exorbitantly high bills and save time. Consider the following apps that can make your traveling memorable.

Airport Transit Guide

You can get this iOS niche application for only $4.99. With Airport Transit Guide you will always know how to get from an airport to the town center no matter where you are. It can be used as an exhaustive travel guide as it contains information about expected prices, taxi services, public transport, and links to the airport’s website.

aMetro (Android)/ MetrO (iOS)

This free application lets you view maps of public transit systems for major cities of the world. Just enter your place of departure and destination, and you’ll see the shortest travel times.

EveryTrail Pro

This GPS-enabled app allows you to map your trip. Just click the button “Start Tracking” as you start going, and the app will start tracking your path on a map. This software will be appreciated by travellers who like to remember their trips in detail.


This free application for iOS and Android is designed for dynamic people who want to squeeze as much fun as they wherever they are. It uses an activity-driven search engine that informs its user about fun things that can be done while driving on the highway or having some free time in your hometown. However, this fun application currently covers the USA.

Lonely Planet

This application is often called “the Bible” on the road and enjoys  a great popularity among independent travelers; It allows you to get info about many destinations of the world. Sights are listed too along with addresses, links to the map, phone numbers, hours, and a detailed text description, just as you would see in the ordinary guidebook. probably, the biggest advantage of Lonely Planet is the offline availability of both the text and maps.

If you are a lucky owner of a smartphone, you can make your travels easier by using handy mobile apps available. Whether you’re spending a family vacation in Thailand or just hitting the road, check out these apps to create a planned, organized, and hassle-free trip.

Author Bio: Ida C. Evans is an experienced writer in the high tech sphere. Ida C Evans works at an mSpy company developing cell phone spy software.